Marijuana mega-mag Cannabis Culture offered an interesting take on the Sanjay Gupta documentary, “Weed” that aired on CNN over the weekend. Writer Matt Mernagh is clearly in the skeptic’s camp, questioning Gupta’s motivations as being motivated by plummeting ratings. We here at the Review believe that demystifying the medicinal plant is a good thing regardless of the motivations. While Dr. Gupta has been reticent to disclose his and CNN’s connections to the big pharma industry, there’s no denying that having a voice like his behind the medical marijuana zeitgeist is going to open many people’s minds to the truth of the plant.

Certainly lifetime legalization advocates have reason to be skeptical of Dr. Gupta’s recent conversion, but it just goes to show how mainstream the conversation has become. There is an undeniable sea change in the mindset of Americans and while the debate still rages, Dr. Gupta’s endorsement of marijuana as a healing agent is certainly a step forward in the re-education of a traditionally conservative populace.