It seems some folks aren’t getting big hits until later in their session with the Firefly 2. There’s a practical reason for this with a very easy fix.

Firefly 2 is an incredible vaporizer for dry herb. It boasts top notch vapor production with on-demand hits and a 100% convection heating style that extracts the essential flavors and aromas free of irksome combustion.

But there are a few snags some readers may have experienced, ironically caused by the Firefly’s outstanding on-demand vaping and convection heating, that diminish the size of their hits and waste herb.

Luckily, I’ve gotten to know the Firefly 2 lately, and I figured out an easy fix.

Let’s go over a few quick and easy hacks for getting bigger hits from the Firefly 2.

Don’t Grind Too Much

Don’t over grind herb. The Firefly 2 has a convection heating system that doesn’t like finely ground herb. The chunkier, the better. This will leave more surface area for the hot air to vaporize. And the Firefly 2 will vape your dry herb more evenly.

If you’re using a grinder, spin it fewer times.

Alternatively, you can break up your dry herb by hand.

You’ll probably notice your hits growing bigger, and a little more potent, when you finer, kief-like grounds for little nugs.

Make it Whistle

The Firefly 2 has on-demand vapor. It only heats when drawn from.

That means there’s usually not a lot of heat up before you take a hit, which is why some people are getting skimpier hits from the Firefly 2 during the sunrise of their vaping session.

For a fuller hit, you want to get the vaporization started before you take a bigger draw.

A few little sips will act as a firestarter, if you will. Once you notice the unit has begun producing vapor, the Firefly 2 is ready to go. Take a big, full draw for 7 to 10 seconds.

Suck hard enough that the Firefly 2 whistles. That noise means you’re drawing hard enough to produce a nice, lung-filling hit. Whistle while you work.

Jury-Rigging the Firefly 2

There’s a rumor circulating about another technique for bigger hits. Namely, placing the concentrate pad (included in the box) on top of the herb.

I was alerted to this by a subscriber on my Youtube vid.

The idea, as I understand it, is that the metal pad acts as a conduit for reflecting heat, basically turning the Firefly 2 into a makeshift hybrid conduction/convection unit.

Alas, this works–to some extent. My concern is that this may taint the otherwise pure-tasting vapor with a tinge of smokiness if the pad gets hot enough to roast the herb a bit.

Final Thoughts

The most effective trick for getting big hits from the Firefly 2 is the Make It Whistle method. Just take a few preliminary hits to start it up, then a big draw that makes some noise. Really whistle while you work.

And don’t forget to avoid overgrinding your dry herb.

Try out these Firefly 2 tips and let me know in the comments section how you fare.

Any ideas for getting more out of the Firefly 2? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you, or even feature your idea in future posts, as always.