I am a big fan of the whip style vaporizer and consider myself a bit of an expert in the field. One of the vaporizers that got me interested in the whole movement was the Arizer V-Tower and quite a few desktop units have surfaced since then so I decided to revisit the old V-Tower and see how it compares to some of my new faves.

First thing I noticed about the V-Tower is that it looks really cool and doesn’t make a lot of noise; however it takes a little while to heat up my herbs. It’s definitely got a slower heat up time than Arizer’s other desktop, the Extreme Q, and it doesn’t provide the kind of thick robust hits of vapor that you get from a forced air unit like the Classic Volcano Vaporizer or the new VapirRise. One thing that is cool about the V-Tower is the digital display and temperature control are very easy to use.

It’s also got the option of using the glass cyclone bowl for your blends or by attaching the included “elbow screen” and mini whip. I found that packing the elbow screen was actually a more effective method of ingestion, i.e. I got stoned-ier when using the elbow screen. However, I noticed that my herb got vaped up pretty quickly with the V-Tower making it one of the least efficient desktop units I’ve ever tried.

Also it doesn’t come with a balloon bag option and there’s no handy remote control like the Arizer Extreme Q has; so I actually have to get up from the couch in order to start the unit’s fan and heating element. Also I found that the fan in the Extreme Q produces much more consistent and tasty vapor. All in all, the V-Tower is a solid vaporizer but not one that I would recommend if you can spend the coin on some higher quality devices that have recently hit the market.

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