The next generation in portable vaporizing is finally here. Karma Inc, makers of the wildly popular DaVinci Vaporizer, proudly announces the release of the world’s first portable vaporizer to utilize a glass-on-glass vapor path, the Ascent Vaporizer.

The smooth glass-on-glass vapor path provides a completely clean and pure taste that truly brings out the flavor of your herbs. With no metal or plastic taste, the Ascent ensures a much more pleasant vaporizing experiencing. It seems difficult to imagine such an advanced medical device to be so compact and portable, but the Ascent is definitely a great example of how it can be, and has been done.

Not only is the Ascent smaller than your average iPhone and can easily be carried in your pocket, but it also has a battery life that outlasts most other portable units on the market. With a 3-4 hour battery life of consistent use, the Ascent holds a big advantage over other portable units. Even the battery life of the Pax doesn’t hold up to that of the Ascent.

Many people don’t really place a premium on battery life when assessing the strengths of different units, when really, it’s one of the most important qualities of a portable vape. If I’m going to be on-the-go all day, I don’t want to have to charge my unit 3 times throughout the period of a day. The Ascent is the perfect vape to charge overnight and use throughout the entire following day at your own convenience.

The Ascent takes roughly 60 seconds to reach optimal vaporization temperature, making it extremely easy to use in transit, at home, or whenever you desire. Once the unit is heating, you can draw through the pull-out glass draw stem, or directly from the unit itself. I find that drawing directly from the unit allows for more airflow, resulting in better vapor production.

One of the most shocking and impressive features of the Ascent Vaporizer is that you can do what are known as “Shotguns” with them. Ascent features a dual mouthpiece so one person can exhale into the bottom of the unit, which creates airflow, pushing the vapor through the all-glass vapor path and out through the draw stem on the other end.

My only question is, “Why hasn’t this been done before?”

Another great strong point of the Ascent is its remarkable temperature control system. The new technology that DaVinci has implemented allows for perfect, smooth vaporization by just the push of one button.

No smoke. No carcinogens. The Ascent Vaporizer provides a perfect and optimal vaporizing experience. Every single time.

We highly recommend buying your Ascent Vaporizer through our trusted vape store, where we got ours. These guys provide a great customer experience and usually throw in a free gift with your vaporizer.