Source has been making concentrate vaporizers for years now (heck, this is the 4th generation of the orb series). Their claim to fame has always been the variety of atomizers they include with each wax pen. With more styles to choose from, you get to benefit from a wider range of concentrates that can be vaped. Along with the orb series, Source vapes also manufactures the Nail, an electronic dab rig that attaches to a mod style battery for instant hits. The Source orb 4 Premium is one of their latest vaporizer pens that operates on a 510 threaded variable voltage battery and it has six different atomizers that come standard.

First Impressions

Source orb 4 Premium vaporizer in the packaging

The packaging for the orb 4 Premium is a clear acrylic box allows you to see everything inside. While it is neat, the clear cover slides off very easily and the contents can fall out. If you are transporting the case a lot, it can become a pain. If I owned a store however, it is an easy way to display a product. All of the unique Source orb 4 wax atomizers can be inspected without even opening the box.

I got the chrome orb 4 Premium but it is also available in black chrome and royal gold. All of the options are sleek and reflective. When you go to remove the battery, orb attachment and atomizers from the rigid foam it can be a little difficult. Once you get them out though, each of the components are surprisingly lightweight. Honestly the battery hardly feels as though you are holding anything, it’s not heavy but doesn’t feel flimsy.

There are six atomizers included with this wax vaporizer, each one designed differently. Single coil, double coil, coilless, quartz, ceramic and titanium… no question that there is a lot going on here. The idea being that you can vaporize any sort of concentrate with the Source orb 4 Premium, no matter the consistency. We’ll find out how versatile it really is a little later.

What Does it Include?

Source orb 4 Premium Battery

You get an ultra light variable voltage 650 mAh battery (adjustable control on the bottom) and an atomizer attachment with a magnetically connected mouthpiece. No unthreading required to load more wax onto the atomizer. And Source includes a silicone concentrate container for holding your shatter as well as a dab tool. I like that for quickly reloading this vaporizer on the go.

Source orb 4 Premium Atomizers

There are six wax atomizers that come with the Source orb 4 Premium pen vape. Each one should bring a little something different to the table in terms of vapor production, taste and efficiency. I am not familiar with any other vaporizers available that include such a wide variety of atomizers right in the box. Most only come with one or two at most, which are often the same style and not that innovative. Here are all of the atomizers you get with the orb 4 Premium.

Source orb 4 Premium atomizers


The incredibly lightweight battery that comes with the orb 4 Premium offers variable voltage, plus the ability to be locked. This has become commonplace for pen batteries, it is intended to prevent anything from accidentally heating up when in your pocket. You don’t want that to happen. That might be a burnt leg or leaky wax, either way you won’t be happy. Remember to lock your vaporizer battery after use.

Variable Voltage

So why does variable voltage matter for vaporizing wax? When vaporizing at a lower voltage you getSource orb 4 Premium Variable Voltage Battery smaller hits. This is an easy way to ensure that you don’t accidentally over do it when you have things going on. However by cranking the voltage up higher, you are able to achieve large clouds. There is a time of day for both and a vv battery means that you’ll always be ready for anything.

Source orb 4 Attachment with Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable airflow is another way to take more control over your vaporizing experience. The Source orb 4 atomizer attachment features 10 air holes that can be closed off for a more restricted draw.

Source orb 4 adjustable airflow

It is fun to experiment with different levels of airflow to see who can create the biggest clouds of vapor. Everyone wins in that contest. And with the magnetic connection between the mouthpiece and the attachment base, it is a breeze to reload the orb 4 Premium with wax.

For those who have been long time fans of Source vaporizers, you are in luck! The company had the foresight to make the orb 4 wax vape compatible with orb 3 atomizers. That’s right, you don’t need to throw them out. I hope you haven’t already. Now I do have to say that the Source orb 4 atomizers are an improvement over the prior version, but if you still have some older atomizers, great! Consider them backups.

Using the Source orb 4 Premium

When going to use the orb 4 Premium for the first time, there was only one question I kept asking myself, “Which atomizer do I want to start with?” With so many to choose from, this wasn’t an easy decision to make. I felt like a girl stumped over which shoes to wear out for the evening. In all seriousness it can be a bit overwhelming at first. So I have included my simple breakdown for each.

Source orb 4 Premium Atomizer Guide

Quartz Single Coil Atomizer: Ideal for small dabs

Quartz Double Coil Atomizer: Large tasty clouds

White Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer: Big vapor producer

Black Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer: Porous for slow heat & low temp dabs

Quartz Plus: Coil-less quartz with heated walls

Source Nail Coil-less Atomizer (Removable Bucket): Flavorful hits and easy to clean

With that guide in mind your decision making process should hopefully be a little easier… you’ll try them all in the long run anyway. So does it really matter which you start with?

I landed on the quartz double coil, probably because I am a self proclaimed cannabis concentrate cloud chaser. It is safer than storm chasing after all. So I loaded it up with some crumble (my prefered concentrate for photo and video purposes) and snapped the magnetic mouthpiece back into place. It provides a solid connection, doesn’t feel loose one bit. The voltage range for this specific atomizer is 3.2v – 3.7v and I went with the highest setting… cloud chaser, remember? If you want to produce smaller hits, lower the voltage and hold the button down for shorter periods of time.

When vaporizing wax, I suggest holding the button for a few seconds prior to beginning your draw. This method ensures that your concentrate will have melted some, resulting in a bigger hit. I find this also helps cut down on splatter. When wax is still solid and you start to inhale right when heat is applied, there can be a pop or bubble and your concentrate gets all up inside the attachment. Which just means wasted wax and extra cleaning…. Not cool man.

The first cloud that I exhaled tasted great. Sometimes initial hits can taste metallic-like or burnt, but I didn’t experience that with the Source orb 4 quartz double coil. Just a little smidge of wax got me three rather large clouds and a couple small hits as it trailed off. That’s efficient in my eyes. On a lower voltage it probably would have gone even further. There are a lot of ways to produce different results, like a Goosebumps “choose your own ending” book. I’m excited to try all of the orb 4 atomizers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with all wax vaporizers there is not a whole lot of cleaning required. The battery and orb attachment are pretty metallic which causes them to smudge with fingerprints, but Source includes a cloth for wiping those down. Basically the same fabric used for cleaning eyeglasses. Gets it looking shiny in no time. So fresh and so clean.

When it comes to the atomizers, not much actual cleaning is required. To avoid damaging the coils or rod, I suggest not trying to clean down in the heating portion of the atomizer. A little isopropyl alcohol applied to the exterior works best. As stated earlier, when wax is being vaporized it can splatter and get the inside of the orb attachment as well. Since it is all metal, you can utilize iso for cleaning the entire attachment.

There is one atomizer included with the orb 4 Premium that can be cleaned with ease. The titanium coil-less nail can come apart for the “bucket” to be fully submerged in some iso alcohol.

Source Nail Coil-less Removable Bucket

After a nice soak, I like to dry it with a q-tip which helps break free any resin that remains. Always make sure the bucket has been allowed ample time to dry or it may damage your atomizer when reassembled.

Warranty Coverage

Source is the only manufacturer I know of that offers a 30 day no-hassle warranty on their atomizers. Most will only replace atomizers if they arrive DOA and have not had any concentrates put in them. There is a phrase in their warranty policy that states,”Accidental damage, wear and tear, or using products contrary to proper use is not covered under warranty.”

Please note that I have not tried to get a used atomizer replaced (none of them have stopped working), but it does seem like Source would send a new one out regardless. And they send all warranty replacements free of charge! How do they stay in business?

The battery and attachment are both covered by a no-hassle lifetime warranty from any manufacturer’s defects. This sort of protection seems to be standard for batteries across the vaporizer industry. I don’t see why you would need to claim the warranty for your attachment, that thing seems like it can take a serious beating. Luckily if you ever have to contact Source vaporizers for a warranty issue, expect a prompt response and quick resolution. They seem to really care about their customers.

Compared to the Competition

Nothing really compares to the orb 4 vaporizer in terms of overall atomizer quantity. Most units come with three at most. Then if we talk about atomizer construction, other brands offer single and double coil heaters, but the porous black ceramic is pretty much exclusive to Source. I am seeing a lot of the coil-less atomizers on the market. Companies like KandyPens and Puffco each offer vaporizers with that technology. The removable bucket design for the Source Nail series of atomizers work well and provide convenient cleaning.

The voltage control battery that comes with the Premium is different than most others that change the heat levels by pressing the button thrice. I guess either way you slice it the results are basically the same. But this is the comparison section, so it is worth pointing out. A cool feature for the orb 4 is IMG_4398-minthe magnetic connection, there are a couple others out there like the Dr. Dabber Aurora and the Atmos Magna.

I predict we will see a major decline and possibly the eventual extinction of threaded batteries and atomizers. Make way for magnets bitch!

Product Value

I consider the orb 4 Premium the best valued wax pen vaporizer. It honestly gets that title solely from the number of atomizers that you receive in the box. Since this is something that you just never see for a wax pen under $100, it easily takes that crown. When you add in the variable voltage and nifty magnetic connection, this becomes a “no brainer” situation. Now if there was an easy way to take all of that atomizers with you, I would say that is some next level sh*t. Still a great value.

What I Like

No question that in my eyes the best part about the orb 4 Premium is the six atomizers that you get. At this point I am probably sounding like a broken record, but I honestly feel this vaporizer is a complete set. You get everything you need at a very affordable rate. Essentially any concentrate can be vaporized with the V4 Premium… and there are a heck of a lot out there and people are finding new methods at creating cannabis concentrates every day. You’ll be ready with the orb 4.

Source orb 4 Premium complete set

Another cool feature is the adjustable airflow control. You see this commonly now on wax pens but the Source orb 4 Premium has 10 holes, that is unprecedented. Talk about serious command over your vape. Very viscous wax with the airflow completely unrestricted equals thick vapor production. Paired with a variable voltage battery, talk about game over. Small puffs or HUGE rips, the orb 4 is capable of running the gamut.

The addition of a magnet (Yeah, science) to the orb attachment makes for a seamless connection between the mouthpiece and base. I like this update because it allows the atomizers to be quickly accessible. Reload with your wax without having to unthread anything. That is an advantage not a lot of other wax pen vaporizers can claim.

What I Don’t Like

The packaging is not my favorite. Source has nice cases for some of their units, but the acrylic covered box doesn’t make for easy transportation. Specifically because the inside portion slides out so easily. There just really isn’t a convenient way to take all six atomizers with you. As well the foam is very rigid which makes it tough to remove the components. I found the best route is to take the top section out and poke the parts from underneath. No difficulty removing everything that way.orb 4 Premium Foam Packaging

One other thing that did bother me just a little was the charger. It is slightly different than most 510 threaded chargers you see. It has more of a male threaded section and the generic USB chargers I have on hand are not compatible. This is kind of reminiscent of the whole Apple headphone jack… remember that? However if you keep track of your stuff and don’t lose the included charger, you won’t ever have an issue.

Final Thoughts

This is the wax pen for someone who likes to vaporize a lot of different concentrates. No matter what kind of concentrate you throw at the orb 4 Premium, there is an atomizer that will achieve the most efficient vaporization. It is very portable considering how light the battery is, you almost can’t tell it is in your pocket. All in all a good quality vape pen that I am happy to have in my arsenal.

Pick up an orb 4 Premium, the most versatile wax vaporizer yet. You can get it from my preferred vaporizer retailer with some additional free gifts and very quick shipping. I do get compensated if you purchase through my link, but I only suggest products with you in mind.

Cheers guys and vape on!