After watching a morgue of broken vaporizers gather in my desk drawer over the years, I’m a big proponent of protecting investments with vape cases. Owners of the AirVape Xs portable vaporizer for dry herb can do just that with the Xs Shell. This sleek black casing form-fits the AirVape Xs, adding a new layer of discretion and protection, while making it possible to operate the vaporizer (or at least heat it up) with the shell still on.

The AirVape is a sturdy portable vaporizer, but mistakes happen. And if the device breaks, you have to go through the tedium of redeeming your warranty (albeit Apollo, who manufactures the AirVape Xs, has a sterling record for customer service satisfaction). My reasoning is, why go through all that when you keep the AirVape safe in a vaporizer case that costs under $20? I’d essentially be paying for the convenience of not having to order and then wait for my new AirVape to arrive in the mail.

The AirVape Xs Shell is solid enough to keep the vaporizer from getting busted up, and it’s sealed from water or dirt, all the while maintaining a sleek, discreet look. It’s an overall practical vaporizer accessory designed to give you peace of mind, which it achieves through build quality and design.

A Protective Vape Case

Let’s go over the ways in which the Xs Shell protects the AirVape Xs. First, the Xs Shell is airtight, making it waterproof. If you drop it in the toilet or leave it in your pocket and throw your pants in the washing machine, you’ll be good. It’s also dirt-proof, so if you drop it in mud the AirVape Xs will be safe, and since the Xs shell is water-resistant, you can simply rinse it off.

The air-seal also makes the AirVape Xs odor-resistant. If you need to stay secretive, you can vape, then cover up the smell with the Xs shell. This not only keeps those around you from smelling your habit, but keeps the odor of dry herb from rubbing off on your pocket and hands, too. On top of that, the AirVape Xs Shell is nondescript, hiding the fact that it holds a vaporizer.

The AirVape Shell is constructed from a durable plastic that would certainly protect the vaporizer from minor drops and other accidents. In retrospect, Apollo could put out a metallic version of the Xs Shell for added durability. Besides that, the Xs Shell is solid enough. It has a soft surface that is smooth to touch, and a clean, slick look that conceals what it contains.

The AirVape Xs Shell is Easy-to-Use–Even for a Vaporizer Case

How hard can a two-piece case with a snap connection be to use anyway, right? Well, sometimes vape cases really are a pain to snap shut or open up. The Airvape Xs Shell basically gets it right. But I did notice it can be slightly tough to open when the AirVape is inside it. Pulling the top part sideways as you’re pulling the vape case open helps.

The AirVape Xs Shell casing is thin enough that you can still feel the vibration notifications that go off when the AirVape Xs has reached vaping temperature. This helps with discretion, since you can keep the AirVape in your pocket, and away from prying eyes, while it heats up. You only need to reveal the vaporizer when you’re taking a quick hit.

You can’t actually vape from the AirVape when the shell is on. Perhaps future versions will allow for this with a removable cap on the mouthpiece. Until then, the AirVape Xs Shell acts as a protective and discreet casing that will keep your vaporizer secure and prevent people from seeing what you’re packing.

The Bottom Line on the AirVape Xs Shell

Vaporizers are the most advanced devices for dry herb consumption yet. But they’re also some of the most fragile. Dropping the AirVape Xs, for instance, can crack that beautiful glass mouthpiece that delivers such pure-tasting vapor. There’s also the matter of discretion to consider. 8 states have legalized dry herb, but we’re not quite in the clear. It’s not like we want our grandmothers and bosses and neighbors to see us vape. Considering these points, I think the AirVape Xs Shell is a welcome vape accessory. It keeps the AirVape Xs secure–like an Otter Box protects an iPhone–and effectively conceals the identity of contents which can, at times, be taboo. I recommend the AirVape Xs Shell to owners of the AirVape Xs looking to preserve their property.

I suggest getting your AirVape Xs shell from this trusted retailer. I do get compensated if you purchase through my link, but I never let that affect my choices. I wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction.

Cheers guys and vape on!