Aiming to hit the shelves of head shops and online retailers in time for the holiday rush, the PAX 3 vaporizer has been officially revealed today. PAX Labs is an innovator in the cannabis industry and has many times been referred to as the Apple of vaporizers. The similarity is drawn largely because of the comparative packaging and sleek designs of their products.


Based off of early photos, the unit appears to heavily resemble its predecessor but with some new colored shells. They look to be going with a more sophisticated approach as no really vibrant colors made it into the mix.


The PAX 3 vaporizer comes in 4 different color options.

It is said to include three different oven styles to suite any need; for dry herb, one designed for half packs and a concentrate insert. A trifecta of attachments. With wax gaining serious ground as the most common form of cannabis consumption, fans of the PAX have been waiting for a concentrate option. The jury is still out on the effectiveness until we can get one in our hands for some in-depth testing.

The PAX 3 will be their first unit to offer a concentrate attachment.

The PAX 3 will be their first unit to offer a concentrate attachment.

According to their website, the PAX 3 will be offering an available Bluetooth App for additional temperature control and other features.This is not the first Bluetooth vape as one already exists with the Crafty portable vaporizer from with Storz & Bickel. By offering an app to handle various functions, the vaporizer can be stripped free of all unnecessary components. This makes for a lighter design and more discreet operation.

Pair your PAX 3 with the optional Bluetooth app.

Pair your PAX 3 with the optional Bluetooth app.

Like earlier variations of the PAX vaporizer it is slated to cost a pretty penny with a retail price of $274. Another reason why people make the comparison to Apple, their products are definitely not cheap.


The PAX 3 wasn’t the only new addition to the family, a concentrate specific pen has also been born. This revolutionary wax pen known as the PAX Era is going to rely on pre-fill interchangeable pods that according to their website are only available in California and Colorado… this might make the other 48 states in the union jealous. Expect the availability to grow as marijuana legality changes in the US.


The PAX Era is a pod based concentrate vaporizer.

If you already own a PAX 2 and don’t feel like making the full jump to the 3rd version (plus live in one of the two states just mentioned), the Era might be the best choice. Though it would mean carrying two vapes around, you would be able to get your concentrate fix by only throwing down $59.99 and the cost of pods (no info on price yet).


If you are just too excited for the PAX 3 vaporizer and can’t get enough things PAX in your life, take a look at our PAX 2 unboxing for a nice gadgety fix. And if you don’t have time to consistently be checking their site for availability, PAX has an email notification system in place. Just enter your email address and that’s it. Now be patient.