With websites that give you a year round countdown clock to Christmas and stores that completely bypass Thanksgiving decorations, it is safe to start planning out your present purchasing early… heck, 1 million people already claim to be done with their Christmas shopping. If you are anything like me, you can use some assistance in finding just the right item during the gift giving time of year. From the incredibly expensive through the more affordable and all the way down to the stocking stuffers, there are many options to choose from. So we’ve put together this 2019 Holiday Vaporizer Gift Guide to make your shopping easier, because everyone wants to get high with a little help from their friends. And to make your research very straightforward, I have compiled everything in order by price.

If you like one of the vaporizers on the list below just click the name and a link to that product will open up for you to purchase it. Go ahead and make someone’s holidays with the gift of vapor.

The Best Vaporizer Gifts for the Big Spender

This is the ultra high end range of vapes. The type present that you’d give a loved one, very close friend or maybe even for yourself. You’ve been good this year, right? If not, or if these vaporizers are a little too pricey, you can still window shop as you scroll down the page to more affordable gift options.

Herbalizer ($599.99)

Do you have someone in your life who deserves only the finest things? The kind of person you’d surprise with a Cadillac in the driveway, big red bow on top. Well then, the Herbalizer might be the gift you are looking for. This multi-functional desktop vaporizer is certainly on the more expensive side of things but actually worth every penny.

The display screen of the Herbalizer multi-functional vaporizer.

You get a clean heating element in the halogen light bulb, one that is capable of reaching the optimal temperature in nearly seven seconds. No exaggeration, it really is that fast. Plus, the Herbalizer is versatile by offering direct draw through a whip, a fan that can fill balloons in under a minute and there is even an aromatherapy function for permeating nice scents throughout your room. If you want to go the extra mile, pick up the Herbalizer Glass Steamroller and wrap it as a separate present… when I was a kid I always found it fun to open up a gift that related to the one prior. Accessories are great little additions.

Crafty ($339)

The Crafty is awesome for the guy or gal in your life who likes power tools. You know, like Black and Decker products. In all seriousness, this is one of the best portable vaporizers available. It is compact and the vapor production that you get from it is consistent every single time. If you are familiar with the Volcano then you already know that Storz & Bickel only makes high quality vaporizers. Which justifies, or at least explains the steep price tag.

The Crafty portable vaporizer paired with the bluetooth app.

Though there is no display screen, the Crafty portable vaporizer features a bluetooth compatible app that gives you full control over the temperature via a smartphone. This makes for a more stripped down appearance without compromising on functionality. It heats up to vaporizing temp quickly, only 90 seconds to reach 356°F and then maintains the heat very efficiently. I consider the Crafty to be my personal favorite high end portable vaporizer and that’s why it landed as the second spot on the list behind a desktop vaporizer… it also ended up there because of the cost.

Firefly 2 ($329.95)

If you want to give the gift of damn near instant vapor on the go, I recommend the Firefly 2. This stylish portable heats of within 5 to 10 seconds. That’s fast by any standard. Plus it has one of the coolest control setups that I have seen on a vaporizer, you simply hold your thumb and index finger over two small sensors. No pressing required, the Firefly 2 registers the touch and begins to heat right away.

Marijuana loaded into the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

I would almost consider the Firefly 2 a portable version of the Herbalizer, if you were basing the comparison strictly off of the heat up time. It is just as elegant quite honestly. Think about that when you are really trying to surprise someone you love. Maybe throwing down nearly $1,000 on a portable and desktop vaporizer (two of the finest mind you) is what the Christmas season is all about. Not likely, but I’d consider it very thoughtful.

Quality Vaporizers that are Cost Effective Gifts

I know that some of these gifts are still on the expensive side of things but quite honestly, times have changed and people are shelling out mad cash for the holiday season. The options below are what I consider the more affordable but still very high quality items. If you need cheaper choices then keep scrolling, but I suggest at least looking… just a peep. Remember that you can likely utilize a coupon code for a lot of these vaporizers when purchasing from a reliable online vaporizer retailer.

Vapir Rise ($249.99)

This desktop vaporizer is for the party animal in your life. The type of person who likes to entertain and always has people around. With a multiple user adapter that is great for large groups,The Vapir Rise desktop vaporizer. up to four friends can vaporizer at once in a very hookah-like fashion. Or if they prefer to walk around with a bag of vapor, the Vapir Rise can do that too. I consider it the most versatile desktop vaporizer in this price range (also the second of only two that even make the list). Plus it looks very sleek.

If someone on your list is a bong fanatic, Vapir released a bubbler attachment to provide moisture conditioned clouds of vapor. Easier on the lungs, but just as (if not more) effective than smoking. Although the fan can be turned completely off, I do like the extra assistance it provides when using the bubbler. It can really get the vapor cranking out. With everything that the Vapir Rise is capable of, I would label it as one of the best values in this price range.

AirVape Xs ($179)

If you are buying a gift for somebody who commutes a lot and likes to travel light, I would take a look at the AirVape Xs. This is an ultra slim vaporizer that is constructed of high grade metal in order to take the rigors of daily use. It can fit in your pocket with plenty of room to spare. Combined with a lightning fast heat up time (only 20 seconds), you’ll find a photo of the XsAirVape Xs digital vaporizer and some ground cannabis. when you look up the word “discreet” in the dictionary. That might be a slight exaggeration… but only slight.

On top of rock solid performance, the AirVape Xs just looks stylish. It’s a gift for your friend or family member that likes to make a statement when they go out. The sexy appeal of the Xs does not go unnoticed. It is almost as much of an accessory as it is a vaporizer. And since it is available in four different colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for the fashionable lady or gentlemen who is lucky enough to know you.

Vapium Summit Plus ($149.99)

Do you have any outdoorsy people on your gift list this season? Someone who wears flannel almostThe Vapium Summit Plus vaporizer in blue. every day and goes camping on the weekends. Perhaps they enjoy hiking. Well for that person, I would recommend the Vapium Summit Plus. This rugged portable is designed to withstand frequent use in the great outdoors. The splash-proof casing prevents water damage, which is great for anyone who likes to kayak or fish.

Capable of performing in extreme weather conditions (0° – 176°F) the Vapium Summit Plus is also great for the skier or snowboarder  in your life. They’ll be thinking of you as they vaporizer on some chilly day while riding the chairlift up to the top of the mountain. Even if it is windy they can still enjoy their herb. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. And if you want to go for the gold, pair the Vapium Summit Plus with a lift pass or other sort of outdoor adventure.

KandyPens Gravity ($129.95)

A combination of elegance and performance is not out of reach, at least not with the KandyPens Gravity wax vaporizer. This sleek unit comes with both a dual quartz coil and a ceramic dish atomizer. These are contained within a nice looking clamshell case along with a mouthpiece and temperature controlled battery. Plus you’ll find a dab tool in there as well for loading your concentrates onto the atomizer of your choice. The Gravity vaporizer is only available in black, but comes in a few different styles… my favorite is the sandblasted look.

The sleek sandblasted black KandyPens Gravity wax vaporizer.

KandyPens has definitely found its stride within the hip hop music video world. I’d say the person who has Beats headphones on their list, they would love to vape on the Gravity. Pair it with the latest Future album and you’ll enter boss status. The ultimate play would be to get them a KandyPens wax ball and prefill it with some shatter or crumble. That should take care of at least one person you have to buy for. When your holiday season is full of KandyPens, you know that it is going to be a sweet one. Sorry, I had to.

Magic Flight Launch Box ($119)

For the person who truly appreciates handmade quality, there is only one vaporizer that you should consider, the Magic Flight Launch Box. This palm sized device screams creativity. Each unit is actually constructed by hand in sunny San Diego, California. From the simple, almost steampunk design, to the outstanding lifetime warranty, the MFLB is sure to please the artist The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer.in your life. There are even a few different woods that you can choose from; maple, cherry and walnut.

Though the Magic Flight Launch Box has been around for quite a while now, this vaporizer continues to stand the test of time. Perhaps it is the appealing size or the poem engraved on the bottom. Whatever it may be, the MFLB shares its success with a constantly growing line of accessories. This company has thought of everything, such as water filtration with their Orbiter glass bubbler and never ending batteries via their 2.1 power adapter. This little vaporizer is bound to put a big smile on someone’s face this holiday season.

Vaporizers to Gift Under $100

If you’ll be giving a lot of gifts or just want to remain within a certain budget these are the vaporizers for you. I am talking about cost effective quality, the word cheap does not have mean crappy. Believe it or not, affordable vaporizers that won’t break right out of the box do exist. Take a look at my cheap vaporizer suggestions.

Cloud Pen Paragon ($99.99)

If you happen to have someone on your list who tends to be forgetful, or maybe just likes convenience, I’d go with the Cloud Pen Paragon. This all in one wax vaporizer is ultra discreet. Seriously. The bottom of the battery unthreads to reveal a silicone NoGoo Wax container and when you remove the mouthpiece cover, you’ll find a dab tool built into the atomizer. Plus it is capable of three different heat settings, that way you can always get a solid hit no matter the concentrate being vaporized.

Cloud Pen Paragon, the all-in-one wax pen.

Since Cloud Pen is a well established name, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are gifting a reliable item. As well they partnered with NoGoo, who is equally respected in this industry. Don’t fall for the knockoffs out there. Each box contains a certificate of authenticity so the recipient can register their warranty. If you want to go the distance, put some concentrate in the silicone container before wrapping the present up. Talk about next level gift giving right there!

Source Orb 4 Premium ($99.95)

Do you know someone who just cannot make up their mind? We all do. And buying gifts for this kind of personality can be difficult. They want one thing this minute and something entirely different the next. Stop stressing, the answer to their gift is the Source Orb 4 Premium vaporizer kit. Boasting six different atomizers, the Orb 4 Premium will keep even the most indecisive person happy for months of use. With that many options to choose from it feels like you are getting multiple vaporizers in one package.The Source Orb 4 Premium vaporizer with adjustable airflow.

This vaporizer is the concentrate enthusiast’s wet dream. Since each atomizer is unique, the Orb 4 is able to tackle virtually any sort of wax or oil that you can load it up with. From the less viscous options to the hard shatters, you are good to go. Variety is the spice of life after all. Don’t be basic and settle for a wax vape with only one atomizer. Be a hero this holiday season and give your concentrate loving friend an Orb 4 Premium vaporizer.

Pulsar APX or APX Wax ($59.99)

Not sure if your cannabis loving buddy likes to vape? The Pulsar APX is a very affordable dry herb vaporizer, so if they’d rather stick with joints, you won’t be offended… but why would they want to combust? Honestly the price is a bit deceiving considering the performance you get from it. There are five preset temperatures so a range of effects can be enjoyed. And talk about a tiny device, it can fit in the palm of your hand!

Holding onto the Pulsar APX dry herb and Wax vaporizers.

Now if a dry herb vaporizer won’t work for that dabbing dude you know, consider the Pulsar APX Wax. This close relative to the earlier model is designed strictly for vaporizing concentrates. And it does so very well. Thanks to a triple quartz coil atomizer this borderline microscopic (little exaggeration) is able to deliver monster clouds. The glass mouthpiece prevents any off flavors so you only get the best taste with each hit. If you go with one or both of these vaporizers, the recipient will be very pleased.

#ThisThingRips R2 Series ($49.99)

Friend of yours like pottery? Maybe the movie Ghost? Do they dab all day long? Then get them the R2 Series vaporizer. This wax pen utilizes a single ceramic rod for an atomizer that works consistently with all sorts of concentrates. The cloud production is visible through a green acrylic air chamber. I like that feature because it helps regulate the amount of vapor you consume. That makes it a reliable gift for beginners. And the R2 Series  has a pen cap mouthpiece cover, so it is a discreet choice.#ThisThingRips R2 Series concentrate vaporizer pen.

The manufacturer, #ThisThingRips makes a couple other wax pens that are a little more expensive. I chose the R2 for this list mostly due to the price point, but honestly all of their products are worth it. All of the atomizers are compatible across the board if anyone ever feels like broadening their wax horizon. Plus each one comes with a silicone wax container, the kind with ridges to “lock” into place. They work well, I haven’t had one pop open in my pocket or anything like that.

Secret Santa Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Already have your main gifts locked down? Just need to round out the holiday season with some stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents? These are the “$20 or less” items that I suggest. There are a few options for all of the cannabis consumers in your life.

Piece Water ($13.99)

Bong lovers rejoice! Your filtration fiending friend can now spend less time cleaning their water pipe and more time enjoying it. This revolutionary mixture combines minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts to coat the glass of a bong and prevent resin build up. The best part? It actually works.

NoGoo Container ($9.99)Doing dabs with the NoGoo silicone container.

These colorful silicone jars are the perfect gift for the guy who dabs like Cam Newton after a touchdown. That means all  the time. Don’t let your pal deal with a waxy mess any longer. No stick, no problems, NoGoo.

Herbivore Grinder (Starting at $19.99)

Investing in a high quality grinder is a way to show a friend you care. Every time they are busting up some nugs, you’ll be on their mind. Luckily, a nice grinder doesn’t have to break the bank any longer. My favorite grinder is the Herbivore. It gets the perfect consistency every time.

Vaporizers Yet to be Reviewed

You are probably wondering why the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ were not included in this guide. Quite simple, I have not had the opportunity to review these two units yet. I am confident that both of these vaporizers will be popular gifts this year. However, I do not like to recommend anything that I have not personally tried it. How can I know my opinion if I have no experience? So don’t think that I am keeping them off of the list for any reason other than the fact that I have not used these recently released vapes.

Happy Holidays and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.

Cheers and vape on!