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8.5/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Whip-Style, Hands Free, Temp Control, Desktop

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Manufacturer: 7th Floor

The Good:

A high quality direct draw vaporizer that will last for many years of use. A truly customizable unit that can match each user perfectly.

The Bad:

The unit is slightly pricey for a vaporizer that does not offer a balloon bag function.

This vaporizer is for a person that wants a direct draw unit that will be their daily driver for a long time.

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The Silver Surfer whip style vaporizer is easy to use, pleasing to have out on the counter-top and built to last for years down the line.  Constructed of thick anodized aluminum, the SSV can take more of a beating than any wooden desktop vape around.  Each vaporizer comes within a padded bag that holds the unit and all of the glass components for safe & easy transportation.

The downward facing heater cover allows for the wand to connect without the herb falling forward and combusting on the heating element.  A lot of vapes have a male heater cover and the herb ends up overheating, leaving it blackened or ashy.  The dial control can provide very accurate vaporization, even without a digital temperature display.  Plus each knob is unique, as 7th Floor blows all of the Silver Surfer glass by hand in Colorado.  Every SSV unit is truly a work of art that is open to some serious customization with all of the color selections and accessories available.


The choice of a heater cover is truly a matter of preference, as what each can offer is slightly different.  The standard style was the first available and can still be purchased to this day.  This heater cover does not create a hands free connection; however it does allow for the user to twist the wand while inhaling, providing more even vaporization.  The herb does not need to be stirred as often with the standard wand.

The second option is the ground glass set up that creates a seal when connected and prevents the user from having to hold the wand in place.  The hands free style is very convenient and the airtight seal means more hot air passes over the herb, allowing for larger clouds of vapor.  The ground glass is offered in two different styles as well, the regular and spherical.  The regular has a tighter seal and the spherical allows for the wand to be turned when connected to the heater cover, similar to the standard style of wand.

The newest design that 7th Floor offers is spherical glass, which is a slight combination of the other two styles.  The spherical heater cover has a large ground glass cup that creates a tight seal with the wand.  However, it is similar to the ball joint in one’s shoulder and the wand can be rotated while connected to the heater cover.  This provides the solid connection of ground glass with the ability to prevent the herb from overheating in one spot.  Any Silver Surfer unit can have both the heater cover and wand replaced to switch to which ever style of glass the user likes most.


The Silver Surfer generally works best when the dial is set to 2 o’clock; however there are a few factors that should be taken into account when considering where to set the temperature.  To start, set the dial all the way to the maximum and the unit will heat up quicker this way.  Do not leave it set to this level when vaporizing though, as it will cause the material to burn.  If the herb being used is of the drier persuasion, set the unit to about noon and slowly turn it up from there


If you find that the herb is burning every time you attempt to vaporize, the unit is likely set too high.  Start by turning the dial back and then slowly raising the temperature until vapor production begins.  Also consider that the amount of herb packed into the wand can affect how quickly it may combust.  Cover the surface area of the screen in the wand and do not fill it over an eighth of the way up.  Remember to never exhale back into the whip while drawing on it, as this will cause the herb to blow into the heater cover and catch fire.


The Silver Surfer is definitely one of the most customizable vaporizers available.  The unit itself comes with a very nice bag and a metal stir tool with a glass tip for tapping the herb down.  All of the glass components are hand blown in Colorado and can be replaced by a wide variety of custom made pieces.  Each SSV comes with clear tubing, but there is colored tubing available to spice up the vaporizer.  Even the base of the unit can be swapped out for a range of different colors, making every Silver Surfer special to their owner.

If you’ve already purchased a SSV Standard Vaporizer and want a hands free connection, you basically have two options. 1) You can purchase a new ground glass heater cover and wand or 2) you can purchase a SSV Hands Free Attachment (shown above). For those who like a cooler vapor experience, 7th Floor offers the Vapor Tamer.  This attachment is placed in the freezer prior to use, where the glycerin within the glass cools, but does not freeze.  It then replaces the mouthpiece and produces an icy draw that is smoother than ever before.  Perfect for those who like thicker vapor, but wish to avoid any harshness that may occur.


There is an available wand that features a small indent within the glass to hold the oil perfect distance from the heating element.  This wand is designed for whose who prefer to vaporize concentrates over dry herbs.  A higher temperature setting is required and it may take some trial & error to discover the sweet spot.  After extensive use, it can easily be cleaned with some isopropyl alcohol, just like a dry herb wand.


The Silver Surfer is certainly one of the most reliable desktop units on the market.  The dial temperature control provides a wide range, with the heating element allowing for a rather quick heat up.  Hand blown glass will last longer than anything that comes from a factory and these artists know what they are doing.  The anodized aluminum housing is also built to last for a long time.

This vaporizer is perfect for those seeking both efficiency and simplicity.  Though it may lack any sort of bag functionality, the Silver Surfer makes up for it with how much it can be customized.  Between all of the various color & glass options, possibilities are virtually endless.  Plus all of the different attachments that enhance the overall performance, the Silver Surfer is always one of a kind.


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    No joke, the best vaporizer I’ve ever owned. It’s so solid, it feels like a metal pole. I definitely prefer the angle to what the Da Buddha has. It makes it so you never accidentally drop herbs into the ceramic heating chamber. Plus it always comes with a custom glass blown temperature knob and whip mouthpiece!


      Couldn’t agree more, this was the third vaporizer I ever bought and will be last vaporizer I buy again. It is the whip vape that all other whip vapes are judged by. Super sturdy, easy to use, quick heat time, quality heating element, hand blow glass know, made in the USA. What else do you need to hear. When you buy this vape don’t look at the price tag because you are going to have this for years and years to come. 7th Floor has great customer service as well and will be there if for some reason you did need to use warranty. Ten Thumbs Up!


    This thing rips like a madman! It’s by far the best desktop vape that I’ve come across. It doesn’t have a fan like some of the other units, but I prefer to not have the fan in whip style vaporizers so you aren’t wasting any of your vapor during rotation. All my friends love the SSV and I don’t think I’d buy anything else after using this thing.


      I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about the SSV, this is my favorite vaporizer in my collection of over 30 different vaporizers. I have had mine for two years and it has never missed a beat. I just keeps ripping day after day and shows zero signs of slowing. I am pretty meticulous about cleaning it and I think that will really help improve it’s life span. I plan on growing very old with my SSV.

        Brian Fraga

        Yea I spent two years thinking my Easy Vape 5 was the best vaporizer even invented. I didn’t imagine that vapor production could get any better and since none of my friends really vaporize or own any for that matter I did not have luxury of being able to try out a ton of different vapes. Finally after watching a bunch of Youtube videos and stumbling upon wonderful sites like this my curiosity was peaked and I sprung for the upgrade and bought the SSV. I probably get twice as thick of vapor, no joke. If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like about the silver surfer it would probably be that it vapes my weed a bit faster than the SSV. But then again I don’t have to vape as much to get high so it is kind of a draw.


    One more vote here for what I truly believe is the best classic style of vaporizer. Like everyone has said before the Silver Surfer is super easy to use and very efficient. It reaches temperature fast and is incredibly reliable. I also love how many different colors they come in, a lot of people don’t know that you can mix and match body color/base color for even more color combinations.

      Super Vapor Bros

      I am partial to the VaporBrothers vaporizer myself but I will admit the SSV comes in a close second. Overall I think they both hit about the same but the VaporBrothers is a bit cheaper, which in my opinion makes it better. Honestly though you can’t go wrong with either vaporizer, it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

    Earl Thomas III

    Can never say enough good things about 7th Floor vaporizers, I have a Silver Surfer and a Life Saber and use them basically every day. If you want word to describe the SSV it has to be reliability. My vape always fires right up and makes huge clouds of vapor every single time.


      I think that the HotBox is the best whip vape but I am not saying that the Silver Surfer is bad. There are a lot of great desktop vaporizers out there and as long as you choose a good one you should be fine. Just dont cheap out and buy the one with the lowest price because you get what you pay for.


        HotBox rules but it is just not as powerful as the mighty Silver Surfer vaporizer. Don’t get me wrong I still like HotBox but when you put them side by side you can definitely see the difference. I also think the Vaporfection vaporizer is underrated, not a lot of people know how good it is.

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