Between the life and death of your vape, there is vaporizer maintenance. Taking care of your vape is imperative, and will become second nature once you realize how powerful and functional your vaporizer will remain with the proper upkeep. To understand how to maintain and repair your vape, you must first grasp an awareness of the parts that compose it.



All vapes draw their power from some form of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the vaporizer battery supplies the necessary voltage to safety and efficaciously heat your dry herb and allow for conduction/convection to occur.

Portable Vaporizer Battery

Since the contact side of the battery on most portable vaporizers isn’t readily accessible, simply ensure to avoid both overcharging the battery and abusing it until it is entirely drained as this adds incredible strain on the battery’s ability to properly retain a charge.

Pen Vaporizer Battery

Cleaning a vaporizer pen battery is a bit different. When detached, gently wipe the connection side of the vape pen battery with a cotton swab, removing excess dust and grime that inevitably accumulates over time. For an added cleaning, use a canned air duster to get rid of even the smallest particles. Be careful not to allow the disconnected battery to come into contact with outside liquid, as this can irreprehensibly damage it and void any applicable warranty.

Heating Chamber

The reservoir and delivery system of a vape pen, commonly referred to as a chamber or tank, comes in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, glass, and a slew of plastics, all in a wide range of colors. The chamber sees the majority of wear and tear during vaping, as it simultaneously houses the dry herb and serves as an oven for cooking it.

Carefully take a cotton swab coated in isopropyl alcohol and rub away any residual material built up inside and along the edges, mindful of any exposed coils that can become accidentally dislodged and ruin the chamber permanently. Afterwards, dip a pipe cleaner in isopropyl alcohol or use small alcohol pads to wipe away any caked- on lingering herbal leftovers.

Whip / Mouthpiece

You’ve got to inhale all that delectable vapor from somewhere. Whether you are utilizing a simple mouthpiece or snazzy whip, this part of the vape is often composed of glass, silicon, or plastic, and either screws or clips into place.

Maintaining the whip or mouthpiece is relatively straightforward. Just disconnect the piece and run a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol through the opening a few times until it’s clean as a whistle. Be sure to let the whip or mouthpiece dry for a minute or two so all remaining isopropyl alcohol can evaporate away.

Power Button

If your vape has an activation button it is probably small and often circular. The activation button of a vape is a moving part susceptible to disrepair just like any other piece, so monitor the edges of it and routinely clear away oil and gunk that may have been transferred from your fingers by running a cotton swab around it.


If you need to replace a part of your vape or just want to spice things up, rest easy knowing there are a plethora of replacement and upgradable options available to you.

Since vapes all run off a select few types of lithium ion batteries, you can shop around for alternatives that offer longer life and even greater voltage power. As always, read your vape instruction manual with extreme attention because each vaporizer has requirements and limits when it comes to battery power.

Want to try out a different mouthpiece or whip? This is where things get fun. From different colors and shapes to unique diffusion and filtration, you can swap out your tired old piece for a stylish upgrade in a matter of seconds and elevate your vaping to a whole other level.

Regardless of whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned toker, knowing how your vaporizer works if vital to maintaining and using it. Once you’ve got a handle on how the vape functions, don’t be afraid to think about replacing or upgrading certain parts to best suit your vaping desires.