The New Year brings high hopes for the portable vaporizer industry. With the release of 6 highly-anticipated personal vapes, 2014 stands to be a year of innovation and expansion. As more states legalize cannabis use and purchase, more and more people are discovering the tremendous benefit of medicating using vaporizers for marijuana. We have identified 6 handheld vaporizers that could potentially change the landscape of the entire vaporizer industry. With the market currently flooded with discount pen style vapes and e-cigs that don’t really work as herbal vaporizers, there is an increasing demand for elite vaporizers for businessmen and connoisseurs who want to medicate discreetly and efficiently.

These 6 new vaporizers are already gaining mainstream press and widespread buzz because of their professional appearance, savvy marketing and state-of-the-art functionality.

I’m going to kick things off with the most well-known new vaporizer, the Ascent by Karma, makers of the DaVinci Vaporizer, one of the iconic portable vaporizers. The world’s first vaporizer to utilize an all glass-on-glass vapor path, Ascent stands to challenge the popular Pax Vaporizer for professional vaporizer supremacy. Purported to have the best possible tasting vapor, the Ascent has piqued the interest of many vape users who are tired of the plastic or metallic taste that is released from other portable units. And I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want a more pleasurable vaping experience? Smaller than your average smartphone, the Ascent Vaporizer easily fits in your pocket and can be used discreetly just about anywhere. While the unit is a little heavy for its size, the 3-4 hour battery life makes it worthwhile.


The quick heat-up time is perfect for users on a busy schedule who don’t have time in the day to wait several minutes just for their vape to heat up. After 60 seconds, the Ascent is fully heated and ready to vape. And oh man, does it vape! The retractable glass draw stem is extremely convenient, as you can be vaping one second and holding what appears to be a cell phone the next. The Ascent’s advanced temperature control is designed with precision technology, ensuring a smooth vaporizing experience. For more information, check out our Ascent Vaporizer Review.

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Next, we need to address the impressive and extremely professional Firefly Vaporizer. With an advanced rechargeable and removable battery, the Firefly takes only 45 minutes to fully charge and lasts for about 2 hours of vaping time. One of a few vapes to integrate a removable battery option, users can charge one battery while using the other. The high output lithium-polymer battery is integrated with Temperature Protection Circuitry to ensure an increased overall battery life. But there is much more than the battery that makes this unit so sought after. The Proprietary Super-Alloy Heating Element generates the perfect amount of heat to create vapor without overheating and allowing combustion to occur. The borosilicate glass heating chamber allows for an extremely even vaporization amongst the herbs.

The Aircraft Aluminum body and shell make the Firefly extremely durable and keeps the internal components protected from user damage. Even the units’ viewing window is made of durable Quartz Crystal, unlike most other glass or plastic windows utilized by other vaporizers. While the alloy does make the unit slightly heavier than other portable units, many agree that the durability and overall quality construction make the weight worthwhile.


The Firefly is said to have “instant” heat-up time, reaching vaping temperature within a matter of seconds. This is one of many key reasons to the success of the Firefly. A conveniently portable vape with an extremely quick heat-up time is often sought after by many, as people have less and less time in the day to waste waiting around. For more information, check out our review of the Firefly Vaporizer.

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Potentially the most anticipated vaporizer with the longest period of buzz, Vaporfection’s miVape is set to be release in May 2014. Said to challenge the performance and design of the well-known, widely adored Pax Vaporizer, the miVape easily has the potential to be a game changer in the portable vaporizer industry. New medical technologies are said to be the secret behind the miVape’s supposedly superior performance.


If Vaporfection has truly succeeded in their goal and achieve a battery that lasts for 4-5 hours of vaping, the miVape will already stand above all other portable units, in terms of battery life. The miVape doesn’t have a removable battery, like the Firefly, but it does, however, allow the user to use the unit while it’s charging. This can be a great feature that many other portable units do not utilize. Similar to the Ascent, the miVape too, uses an all-glass vapor path, ensuring a smooth and tasteful vapor cloud.

In terms of design, the miVape slightly resembles a familiar hot-selling item, perhaps the hottest selling item of our generation; the iPhone. Vaporfection has always had excellent marketing techniques and that doesn’t seem to have changed at all with the New Year. Simple, yet elegant. Sleek and modern, yet still quite the professional vaporizer. It would be no shock at all if the miVape happens to outsell most other portable vaporizers on the market.

Next, I would like to turn to the Spyre Vaporizer, a new portable vape designed by Uptoke. Designed for dry herbs, waxy concentrates and oil blends, the versatile Spyre definitely caught my attention right away. The Spyre features something that I have never seen in a personal vaporizer: a built in herbal grinder. With convenience, portability and discreetness as an ever-present concern, this simple, yet, brilliant idea could easily set the Spyre apart from all other portable vaporizers. The Spyre provides for one less item to carry, however the blueprints make it look a little large to be easily discreet. It has a design like a steamroller, kind of like the 2nd edition VaporBlunt. Of course if it vaporizes efficiently, the size may be a moot point.

The Quartz Heating Element is equipped with an internal sensor and actually monitors breath and herb temperature to regulate the heating power. Able to be operated effortlessly thanks to the no-button activation system; convenience is the calling card of the Spyre Vaporizer. The Spyre self-regulates the voltage to provide the ideal temperature for vaporization. In addition, the Spyre features a computer-regulated, intelligent-power delivery system, which controls the quick charging and mediates power for long battery life.

The Spyre Vaporizer has piqued the interest of so many in the cannabis and vapor community that it has been featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, Huffington Post and Medical Jane. Called an “electronic cigar vaporizer” by creator Jason Levin, we would not be surprised if the Spyre hits the market late this year and becomes the fastest growing unit in terms of popularity.

Let’s not forget about the pen vape that’s marketeted as being the “world’s most advanced vaporizer pen,” the Grasshopper Vaporizer. The Grasshopper is a high-tech portable vape, designed by aerospace engineers. Its superior design is said to be more advanced than any other and people are clamoring for it, as evidenced by the Grasshopper Vaporizer’s phenomenally successful crowdfunding campaign. The Grasshopper is said to have the appearance of a pen, but have the performance of a top-of-the-line medical device. Sometimes referred to as the “Volcano of portable vaporizers,” the Grasshopper is said to provide vapor production at an exceptionally high quality level.


Expertly designed like a common office pen, the Grasshopper contains a 30-watt heating element which is designed to reach and maintain optimal vaporization temperature. With an adjustable temperature dial, you may never have to worry about a one-button activation system that can sometimes overheat, and char or burn the materials in the unit. The Grasshopper gives its users the option to adjust the temperature to their personal preferred temperature; ensuring a pleasant vaporizing experience.

Not only is the Grasshopper of high quality and state-of-the-art design, but it’s quite easy for the average person to use. With a magnetic charging ring, no need to worry about bending or breaking charging inputs. Just simply slide the charging ring over the top of the unit, and let charge. The three hour battery life is the icing on the cake, making the Grasshopper the perfect unit for vaping on-the-go. Extremely portable, easy to use, great battery life. What more can you ask for?

Last, but most certainly not least, world renowned vaporizer manufacturer Magic Flight recently released the Magic Flight Maud-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box. Jumping on board with the ever-growing popularity of waxy concentrates, the innovators at Magic Flight, put simply, have done it again. After showing overwhelming success with the original Launch Box Vaporizer, Magic Flight has designed another delightful portable vape that is expected to kick serious ass in the vaporizer industry.

The Maud-Dib is designed to heat up to 900° in just a matter of three seconds. This makes the entire vaporizing experience extremely easy and convenient. The new brushed brass lid design carries Magic Flight’s traditional, “earthy” appeal, while remaining unique and stylish, incorporating a Steampunk-meets-Burning Man aesthetic. The optical-grade glass lens is definitely a nice touch, too. The lid being uniquely cut out to its own shape, rather than the fitted, square-shape, adds significant dimension and easily makes the unit more appealing to the eye.


The Maud-Dib has to be used with its 1.5 ft draw whip, in lieu of the glass or wooden draw stem, due to the unit’s astronomically high heat. While this may be a knock against the portability of the unit, the 1.5 ft whip allows for much larger clouds of vapor and also helps cool the vapor stream. This also adds a rare feature to Magic Flight’s new release, as the Maud-Dib is the first portable wax vaporizer to come standard with an inhalation whip.

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With all of this year’s new vaporizers emerging on the market, it’s nearly impossible to say which will be most popular. However, it’s fairly obvious that these six stand out from the crowd. They are all individual, innovative and unique in their own way. 2014 is barely out of the womb and already we at Vaporizer-Review see tremendous potential in the vaporizer world. With legalization hitting Washington and Colorado, we think this will be the most profitable and exciting year the herbal vaporizer industry has ever seen.