The manufacturer of the PUFFiT 2, Discreet Vape, made a lot of changes to the second version of the PUFFiT in hopes that it would be better received than the original, and I have to say, they did a nice job.

Starting with aesthetics, the ‘2’ is smaller and sleeker. The nylon housing is a shiny finish as opposed to matted, and the cap on the mouthpiece is rubber and a different shade than the unit itself, making the new version look much more like an actual inhaler. Additionally, the design is modular, meaning the battery and heating element are completely separate and removable from the actual shell of the unit. While the battery and heating element connect during use, they come apart very easily and are their own distinct entities.

A couple of things about the original PUFFiT I was not a fan of was the placement of USB charging port and temperature control dial, as these were both located on the mouthpiece of the unit. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my vexation, as these have both been repositioned on the ‘2’. The USB port can now be found on the battery itself, while the new and improved temperature controls are now found on the actual heating element (pretty forward thinking right?).

Lastly, LED indicator lights have been replaced by a haptic feedback system, which sends off a series of small vibrations as the unit is heating, and another stronger pulse once the desired temperature setting has been reached. I’m a big fan of this feature as it allows for more discreet use. Instead of having to check indicator lights, you can have the unit in your pocket during warming and feel the vibration pulse once it’s ready, then simply take out your inhaler and draw in your medicine.


Upon opening the magnetic locking chamber, you’ll find the herb chamber on the ‘2’ is about 50% smaller than the original, which was a bit of a disappointment. However, it makes sense, as the entire unit has slimmed down considerably.

Once packed up, you’ll select one of 4 preset temperature settings. Instead of a cumbersome dial, the PUFFiT 2 features a much more user friendly push-button system to select one of four heat settings ranging from 320-415F. I set the device to level 4, as I remember having a heck of time getting substantial vapor production from the original PUFFiT, I figured the highest setting would be my best bet with the ‘2’.


Once the temp is set, place the heating chamber/battery combo back into the inhaler shell. You’ll now feel the new and improved haptic feedback system kick in and notice a series of vibrations as the unit begins to warm and reach the desired temperature setting. Short gentle bursts during warm-up are replaced by a longer more powerful vibration once the optimal heat setting has been reached. As I had previously stated, I’m a big fan of this new feature, as it allows for more discreet vaporizing.

With the original PUFFiT, you needed to initiate contact with the top of the unit where the heating element was located to begin vapor production. This translated into a lot of people burning their fingers, as the included heat shield did not offer much protection against this. However, the heating chamber on the ‘2’ is now located at the base of the unit, so the heat shield actually contains the heat inside the unit.


Upon further inspection, I noticed another huge improvement on the ‘2’, the actual mouthpiece. The original PUFFiT’s draw system was strange to say the least. One would think you would just be able to put your mouth on it and hit it like an inhaler, however, because the indicator light, USB port and heat setting dial were all located on the mouthpiece itself, you had to slide this little plastic ‘outlet’ piece about halfway over the embouchure, which just felt really awkward and unnatural. The newly designed ‘2’ ditches all that nonsense and features a mouthpiece you can actually just put your mouth on and draw vapor from (crazy right?!).


After taking my first excessively long and slow hit, I noticed something I was really hoping wouldn’t be an issue with the PUFFiT this time around, very little vapor production. After grinding the herb very fine, packing the chamber loose, having the heat setting on high and taking a very long and slow hit, I couldn’t have set myself up any better for the robust vapor cloud I was expecting.

For whatever reason, the PUFFiT 2, like it’s predecessor, is for one reason or another simply incapable of producing big clouds. The more I thought about this, and the noticeably higher I felt after those brief moments of thought, the less bummed out I was. I came to the conclusion that the reason someone would purchase this unit is for it’s discreet nature. It would essentially defeat the purpose if you saw someone ripping their ‘inhaler’ and exhale an enormous cloud of vapor.


While you shouldn’t expect massive plumes from this unit, due to an intricate internal temperature control system, you can expect consistently smooth vapor production. Considering it’s truly unique design and the multitude of improvements that have been made, I’d be hard pressed to recommend any other unit that performs as well as the ‘2’ in this price range. Be advised though, if you’re looking for colossal clouds of vapor, this vaporizer simply isn’t for you. However, if discretion is the name of your game, give this PUFFiT 2 a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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