The PUFFiT X is the follow-up to the original PUFFiT portable vaporizer from Discreet Vape. While the PUFFiT X appears to be almost exactly the same in appearance to the original, it’s actually a forced-air unit that utilizes a small fan to assist in vapor production. Sounds pretty cool. Let’s give it a whirl.


The micro fan does not run the entire time the unit is on, but can be turned on for small adjustable bursts of forced air. The fan is definitely a unique feature to this portable, making it the only handheld vaporizer that features forced air capability. While being a portable forced-air unit is certainly unique, it has its downfall. The fan on this unit is VERY loud – like, really loud. It pretty much defeats the whole purpose of of the discreet inhaler design.


The gold plated heating chamber is designed to evenly distribute heat through your herb. The vapor enhancer fits into the chamber cap and assists in the vapor production by lightly compressing the material to make it just slightly denser. The digital temperature sensors quickly heat and then maintain the selected temp, which can be set using the 1-8 dial on the side of the unit. A cool feature that was also on the original is the magnetic mouthpiece cover that turns the unit off when connected.


The PUFFiT X comes standard with everything that you need to start using it right out of the box. A nice addition is the included wall adapter which connects to the USB plug for use in an outlet. The vapor enhancer also comes with the PUFFiT X, not just as an available accessory as with the original. A new addition to this package is a stand that allows for you to display the PUFFiT X upright when not in use. Plus you will find replacement mouthpieces and screens in the box, perfect for maintaining your PUFFiT X for a while.


The temperature level being used can vary a lot depending on the herb that is being vaporized. A moister herb is going to require a higher temp, such as level 8. I have found that when using both the PUFFiT and the upgraded PUFFiT X, it can take a few runs through the heat cycle in order to get the vapor production going. If the herb being used is of the drier persuasion, it is a good call to run the unit at a lower temperature and work up from there. The idea is to remove the properties without burning the herb and that will come with practice.


The actually length of battery life can depend upon the heat setting being used, but one can expect to receive roughly 25 to 30 heat cycles on a full charge. The best way to ensure that you will be ready to vape at a moment’s notice is to plug the PUFFiT X into the charger between uses. This will keep the battery at peak charge so it won’t unexpectedly die on you. Remember though to never use the PUFFiT while it is connected to the charger as this may damage the vaporizer. Simply remove the USB cable from the unit and start vaping.


I would say that a direct comparison between which is better of the two is a matter of personal preference. The fan in the PUFFiT X may add a very slight increase to the vapor production, however it is somewhat loud. With a proper breathing technique, the original PUFFiT can achieve the same consistency of vapor. They both heat about the same and can require multiple runs through the cycles before a vaporizing temp is reached. If used without the fan, they are pretty much the exact same vaporizer. Other than the fan in the PUFFiT X, the main difference between the two is the color options that each are available in.


Most vaporizers have a bit of a learning curve right out of the box and the PUFFiT X is no different. The PUFFiT vaporizers do not have the lengthy air path that a desktop whip style unit features and will not create the same clouds.

The best method is to pack the herb a little tighter in the gold plated heating chamber and be sure to leave the vapor enhancer in the top. Run through one heat cycle without even attempting to draw on the vaporizer; when the light turns green it has completed the cycle. This will preheat the chamber and start to warm the herb inside. Run a second cycle and after the light stops flashing red and goes green, take a small puff like a cigar. This will prime the herb a little and then take a steady draw for roughly 3 to 5 seconds.

As I said that the air path is smaller, you will find yourself “sipping” the vapor out more so than one long continual draw. However, every person is different and it is up to you to find what works best for you.


While we do commend Discreet Vape for their attempt at a portable forced-air unit, we don’t think the PUFFiT X will necessarily re-define the genre. It’s a valiant effort, but the discreet nature of the unit is totally offset but a fan that sounds like an airplane propeller.

If you want to give the PUFFiT X a whirl, we recommend purchasing it from this preferred and trusted retailer.