We discovered a pretty cool new technique while watching the Final Four this weekend: two of our favorite vaporizers actually share a measure of symbiotic compatibility. We love the term “life hack” for an innovative combination of household objects or processes merged together to create a new process that makes your life much much easier. In fact we love it so much, this weekend we coined a new term for you guys: VapeHack!

How did we come about this new terminology? Glad you asked. The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, an absolute staple for vaping with the Launch Box or MFLB vaporizer, also fits the Volcano Vaporizer valve chamber perfectly. I’m not sure if this was intentional on the part of the engineering geniuses over at Magic-Flight, but it’s a cool little perk nonetheless.

Check out this video on the making of the Finishing Grinder:

As you can see from the pictures above, this is a simple, easy way to deposit finely ground herbs into your Volcano loading chamber. Until Magic-Flight makes a forced air device, we don’t feel too bad about using their finishing grinder to pulverize loose leaves for the Volcano Vaporizer. After all, the Volcano is my go-to for home use, while the Launch Box is my favorite portable vape for travel purposes. They both rip exceptionally well, and with this new revelation, I’m even more convinced that these are the ultimate tag-team of desktop and portable devices available.

The Volcano Vaporizer gives you unparalleled performance at home, by thoroughly vaping the THC and CBDs in your herb. While in transit, the convection oven built into the diminutive Launch Box actually packs quite a punch. And it’s perfectly palm-sized so you can get tasty euphoric results on the sly no matter where you go. The Volcano provides the same size chamber in the Solid Valve set as they do in the Easy Valve set and this size congruence is a huge boost to the speed of loading and efficiency of vaporization. No matter what kind of herbal grinder you’re using to shred the blends, nothing gets them pulverized to a fine crumbly powder quite like the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, and it just so happens that you can grind directly into the Volcano chamber.

How cool is that?

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