Are you nervous about using your Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer in a public place? Have no fear. Vaporizer-Review is here with a few helpful hints to ensure a great Magic Flight experience anywhere you may go.

Most seasoned vaporists swear by only using pen-style vaporizers when out and about, because these units release very little of the distinctive odor and they look virtually identical to the more widely accepted “e-cigarettes.” However, we are cognizant of the limitations of these units for vaporizing flowers, so we recommend using a portable vaporizer like the MFLB for vaping your herbs while out and about.

If stealth is a concern, simply clasp the Launch Box with the palm of your right hand against the battery. Make sure you put the rubber pasty over the negative end of the battery. This makes the battery more comfortable to push in while vaporizing. We also recommend inhaling directly through the draw hole rather than attaching the glass stem. This will make your practice much more discreet and undetectable if you’re at a ballgame, music festival or a restaurant.

Use of the Magic Flight Launch Box may cause you to experience some throat irritation with the potency of the direct draw; if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by coughing furiously in public, try curling your tongue upward to divert the stream of vapor. This way the vapor won’t directly hit the back of the throat.

We hope these expert insights are helpful next time you hit the road with your Magic Flight trench filled with tasty blends!