Looking for the new professional vaporizer of the future? The Firefly Vaporizer could easily be the solution to all of your vaporizing needs. This new dry herb unit utilizes an advanced convection heating method to allow for a smooth and satisfying vaporizing experience. The convection heating method, opposed to conduction produces a higher quality vapor by pre-heating the air before it passes through the herb. This makes vaporization extremely clean and efficient.

I had heard a lot about this handheld vaporizer as it was getting a lot of buzz in mainstream portable vaporizer reviews I had read this year; once I got it in my hands and took a rip, I knew what all the fuss was about. However I also realized that this thing is way heavier than I would have expected. Like the Arizer Solo, the Firefly is a little heavy and bulky, making it a less than ideal pocket vape. Still, if you whip this bad boy out of your lapel at a cocktail party, we’re pretty sure you’ll be the envy of your jet set.

Not only is Firefly’s design sleek and modern, but it’s discreet enough to use on-the-go at your own convenience. The magnetic, removable face-plate calls for less time spent refilling of the herb chamber and more time vaping. The convenient glass viewing slot allows you to know exactly when it’s time to empty and refill the herb chamber. All of the components are made with expert engineering and no expense was spared to make this a personal vaporizer for the professional connoisseur. For example, Firefly’s heating element is made of an American-made, FDA-Foodsafe super-alloy. This allows the heating element to withstand repetitive heat cycles without breaking down.

The replaceable, long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery requires only about 45-60 minutes to fully charge and should easily last the course of a day, if using intermittently. Unlike most other portable vaporizers, the Firefly battery can be replaced in a matter of seconds, so feel free to get a spare, as well as a power source, and vape any time you wish. Firefly also heats up impressively quick; practically instantaneously since it is breath-activated, making vaporizing on-the-move extremely easy and convenient for your everyday use.

On top of being a fast-heating device, Firefly also has a precise, computer-controlled heating element, which allows the unit to only reach a maximum temperature of 400°F (200°C). This will surely assist in avoiding combustion and releasing any harmful carcinogens into your lungs.

On the whole, I enjoyed the simplicity, design and construction of the Firefly Vaporizer; they come in three different colors which is a nice little gimmick lots of vapes are employing these days. The taste of the vapor was tremendous; however I felt that the amount of vapor production was comparable to other handheld vaporizers of similar and lesser price. If you are a discerning vapor enthusiast, this is the professional portable vaporizer for you.

We recommend purchasing the Firefly directly from the manufacturer’s website.