The Vaped Fob is the most recently released dry flower vape that I consider to fall under the “discreet vaporizer” category. Meaning it is specifically designed to look like an everyday item while having the ability to vaporize, in this case the item it mirrors is a car key fob. Obviously the most important aspect of any vaporizer is that the product can actually perform well, if it can’t do its main job then being discreet doesn’t mean jack. Some people may consider this class of vaporizers to be more of a novelty than anything, but with the track record of other vapes in this group (Vapor Cup and PUFFiT) I can argue that is not the case. Just because a company focuses a lot on the look of the vaporizer doesn’t necessarily mean that they skimped out on the rest of it, let’s see if that is the case with the Vaped Fob.

Vaped Fob - Buttons


Before even pulling the sleeve off the box I could feel the leathery texture of the packaging and right off the bat this aspect does give it a slightly “high class” feel to it. Vaped does label the Fob as a luxury vaporizer after all. When you open the box you’ll see the unit by itself with the winged logo up (at least that was how mine was) and underneath all of the accessories are located.

Vaped in box

The unit has a nice weight so it does not come off as a cheap product but it doesn’t feel cumbersome or unusual for the design. It even has a key chain attached to increase the stealthiness to the next level as well as adding to the authenticity of the fob look. Hell, the only controls on the Vaped Fob are a lock, trunk and unlock… luckily there is an instruction card which explains what each of those represents (more on that further down).

A quick glance at the Vaped Fob and it looks a bit like a small Ascent vaporizer… your Ascents a mini? It’s not the size mate, it’s how you use it.

Vaped Fob and Ascent

That being said there are some immediate differences, for example, the Fob features a magnetic cover which is something the Ascent did not. The body of the unit has a faux leather texture that gives it a slight grip while holding it in your hand, plus that further builds the appearance of a realistic car fob. With the Vaped Fob clipped to a set of keys, I am not sure anyone would hip to the fact it is a vaporizer.


Okay so we’ve taken a peek, but let’s delve a little deeper into what you actually get when you buy a Vaped Fob.


Obviously the main item here is the unit itself, nestled safely on top of everything and looking sharp. Below that you will find a grinder card (imagine a cheese grater) which is great for quick grinds on the go, just slip it in your wallet. There is also a cleaning kit with replacement screens, brushes and pipe cleaners to help maintain the Fob. If you find the silver mouthpiece is too flashy for you, no worries, there is more of a subtle black mouthpiece that comes standard as well.

Vaped Fob Black Mouthpiece

You will also see an instruction card, warranty information and a wall charger… for charging of course.


The Fob vaporizer incorporates a retractable mouthpiece so you can add some distance between your lips and the heat source while vaping then slide it back in for discreet transportation. There are two mouthpieces in the box so you can choose which design you like more, a sleek silvery look or a secretive matte black appearance. The heating chamber is on the bottom of the Fob so the air path runs up through the body of the vaporizer. A magnetic lid attaches to the chamber, it is pretty small and doesn’t have a tether to the vaporizer so be careful not to lose it. That being said, the unit itself features a built in key chain so long as you don’t lose your keys, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your Vaped Fob.


Although the Vaped Fob does include an instruction card, it is definitely not the most informative guide (it is rare to find solid instructions with a vaporizer). It does explain what each button on the unit represents, so if you have any familiarity with dry herb vaporizers then using the Fob is not difficult at all. Like riding a bicycle once you learn how to get the most out of a vaporizer you never forget. There are six temperature options ranging from 360° to 420° which can be increased with the LOCK button and decreased with the UNLOCK button on the Fob. It is turned on by clicking the TRUNK button five times in rapid succession (as with a lot of vapes these days) and then it automatically begins heating up to the last temperature that had been selected.

Vaped Fob Heating

The top light on the Fob represents the temperature setting, it will flash while heating and remain solid when ready to vape. Below there is a second light for indicating the battery level, the user guide breaks down what each color of the remaining charge stands for percentage-wise. When it comes time to recharge your Vaped Fob, the port can be located on the bottom of the unit on the opposite side of the key chain.


As with most electronic devices it is a good idea to plug in and charge the Fob vaporizer prior to first use. When I plugged it in the light was already flashing green, and there are no instructions on that so I assumed it indicated a full charge or basically close enough… maybe I should have waited for it to turn solid green, but then I ran the risk of it never going solid and as a result, me never using it. So I unplugged it and clicked the trunk button 5 times to turn it on, the yellow heat setting (400°) was the default. Since I didn’t want to heat it up prior to packing my herb in the chamber I turned it back off and popped the magnetic lid off. The Fob can hold about .5 grams of ground bud so I filled it up pretty well giving it a little bit of a pack down, but not too tightly.

Vaped Fob Chamber Packed


It heats up within 30 seconds, the flashing light goes solid to signal it is ready. I paused briefly to ensure that the herb inside had a chance to heat thoroughly before I began hitting it. My first draw produced very wispy vapor, not much of a hit at all. The next few however did give some pretty large clouds that dissipated quickly when I exhaled. I click it up to the red setting using the lock button, it flashed for a moment then went solid and I began inhaling again. The mouthpiece was a little warm but extended out as far as it would go so I couldn’t get anymore distance from the heat source without pulling it out. It did taste as though the herb was getting vaped relatively fast, so I popped the chamber cover off to try for a little stir. When I reattached the lid I was able to get a few more hits before I called it quits.


I decided on a loose pack for bowl numero dos, pretty well ground too. Thinking it would be good to try a range of temps I dropped it down to purple, the 370° setting and it heated up right quick. As per usual I paused a beat before taking the first draw on the mouthpiece… nothing really happened. I continued with my long slow inhale technique with little results so I did the only thing I decided would help the situation and click the temp up to yellow again. The loose pack really did not perform as well as the first bowl, the heat seemed to be traveling through it too fast to vape the herb efficiently. If you want to get thicker vapor with the Vaped Fob vaporizer then I suggest using the red setting with a tight pack of herb.


As with all vaporizers, consistent cleaning of the unit will ensure longevity and the best flavor from your herb each session. Since the retractable mouthpiece of the Vaped Fob is removable from the unit, just slide that out and toss it in some isopropyl alcohol. Take the magnetic oven cover off and spot clean the metal with an iso dipped q-tip. To remove the screen from the chamber take the straight metal tool and poke it down the air path, it may require some effort to push it free if you have used the Fob heavily. Brush out any built up residue in the chamber and if necessary replace the screen in the unit altogether. I find that if you empty the herb from the heating chamber while it is still hot, the material comes out easier than if you have allowed the Fob to cool down.


The first vape to hit the scene with a design based around discretion was the PUFFiT vaporizer, the unit which looks like a common asthma inhaler. I have said it before and will say it every time, the first generation was not that good, it didn’t perform very well which left me believing any vaporizer developed for a specific look was probably just going to be a novelty but not practical. The PUFFiT 2 improved upon their original design by giving it a modular makeover, however it still could be improved upon to this day. Lilly Rucky also makes the PUFFiT-X vaporizer which incorporates a little fan for assistance with vapor production.


VaporCup is what I like to call a portable desktop vaporizer and by that I mean it has the strength of the usual plug in vaporizer but remains cordless (being the size of a cup there is room for some powerful batteries). It hits similar to the Arizer Solo vaporizer but with far more control over the temperature with the digital display screen, something that the Fob does lack if you personally like to dial it in. Quite honestly though most portables out there offer a few fixed settings, full control is kind of a rarer thing than one might think.


Another vaporizer that is often labeled as discreet would be the HipVap, but really how discreet is something that resembles a flask… seriously. It works well but I stick to the fact that a hip flask is kind of a red flag in public, secret is blown. When put side by side with the Vaped Fob I am definitely going to choose the Fob since you can just toss it on a key chain, can’t do that with a flask looking dry herb vaporizer. Aside from the secretive design, it vapes better than the HipVap also and that’s basically the whole point.


Vaped Fob Side by Side


The most obvious aspect I like is the discreet look of this vaporizer, with size playing a big factor into the design. I can keep it on my key chain and therefore with me at all time, with them clipped to a belt loop I literally take up no room in my pockets (though I look a little more like a janitor with keys dangling from my waist (not that there is anything wrong with that)). For such a small herbal vaporizer I was definitely surprised by the performance, though it isn’t the strongest hitter out there the size makes up for anytime you may get wispy vapor. And don’t get me wrong, although there are inconsistencies, it does produce some quality vapor most times.


There are some aspects of the Fob that I wasn’t specifically a fan of, first of which would be the length of the mouthpiece. It does not necessarily get too hot where you cannot put your lips on it, but when running it at the higher temps (which I found gave the best vapor) it can get a little warm so try pulling it out to basically the furthest point every time. Maybe the fact that there isn’t a digital temperature display leads to a little lack of control over the heat, but quite honestly it would absolutely defeat the purpose of resembling a key fob so that just wouldn’t make sense. The last thing that kind of had me worried was that the key chain may break loose and I end up losing the Fob. This is only conjecture however, perhaps an inert fear of it getting lost because in the time I have been using it the chain has withstood daily use.


The Vaped Fob is an herbal vaporizer that looks like a car key and that is indeed one of the more unique designs I have ever seen so points for originality. They did a good job at making it resemble a fob, it is just slightly larger than most keys in which I compared it to… without an actual key next to the Fob, I doubt you’d realize a size difference. As far as the vapor production goes I’d say that for the size of it, the performance is reliable but not a huge cloud producer, although on the red setting that is arguable. Considering it is intended for discreet use, would you really want to be exhaling noticeable hits? I don’t personally think so. If your main objective is to get a secret vaporizer to take on the go then the Fob is a solid option, plus you can just toss it on your key chain and go.

I suggest picking up the Vaped Fob vaporizer from this vaporizer retailer. I do get a small commission if you make the purchase through my link, but that does not have any effect on my overall opinion.