The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a wax pen that is widely recognized as being one of the best in the industry. The Ghost is perhaps the most highly rated wax pen around, and for good reason. It has great overall build quality, and performs beautifully. Let’s take a look at what makes the Ghost so special.


Professional packaging and branding keeps the Dr. Dabber from blending in with the flooded market of cheap and flimsy vape pens. Additionally to the unit, the slick and sleek packaging holds a detailed instruction manual, a nicely designed warranty card, a steel dab tool, a USB charger, and a spherical silicon dab container for storage.


What makes the Ghost so special is the fact that it utilizes a high quality titanium coil, which heats wax to lower temperatures than standard wax pens. Because of this, it’s much more efficient than most wax pens, and will last much longer.

The heating chamber is also unique because the heat coil has been placed lower in the chamber to allow 1) more concentrate to fit into the chamber and 2) even heat distribution, resulting in more efficient use.


The Ghost pen utilizes a ceramic heating chamber, providing a nice flavor and a vapor mostly free of metallic and plastic-emitted toxins. The center wick is made from glass fiber, rather than the notoriously known, short-lived cotton. As a result, the heater cores do not require replacement nearly as often as many other atomizers.

If you want to purchase a Dr. Dabber Ghost, we suggest this trusted vape store, where we bought ours.