If you’re into concentrates (dabs, shatter, crumble, etc.), then things like e-nails and wax pens are nothing new. However, some new devices have recently hit the shelves that look like they could be the future of the concentrate community. Breaking the mold of standard eNail and wax pen functionality, this new generation of dab devices represent the latest improvements and innovations in the industry. Here’s a few of our favorite recent releases.

Dr. Dabber Boost

As one of the more reputable and popular names in the wax game, Dr. Dabber is known for their high-quality products and industry-leading innovations. For example, Dr. Dabber was was one first (if not the first) companies to utilize atomizers with titanium coils – something that has since become quite common with higher-end units

With that said, it should come as no surprise that DD is leading the latest revolution in dab technology. Billed as an “eRig”, the new Boost is a completely portable (and far less expensive) solution to traditional e-nails. The Boost provides the same type of performance you’d expect from a standard wax rig, but with enhanced convenience and portability.

Battery powered and rechargeable, the Boost can be used anywhere. Upon activation, the domeless titanium nail begins heating, and reaches its max temperature of 700°F in about 30 seconds. Once heated, secure the included glass water filtration attachment and load your wax. The handy magnetic carb cap lets you control the potency of your draws. We had a great time testing out the Boost this past weekend, and highly recommend it to fellow wax connoisseurs.

Dr. Dabber claims you can get 50-60 uses from a single charge, which is plenty of juice when you consider “a little dab will do ya”. Retailing for just under $200, the Boost is a great alternative to far pricier e-nails that essentially serve the same purpose and function. Keep an eye out for our full review of the Boost, coming soon.



Although released over a year ago, we just recently got our hands on the DipStick. Don’t let the silly name fool you – this little guy means business! While the manufacturer (Improve based out of Houston, Texas) is relatively new and unknown, we’re really impressed with the ingenuity of their inaugural release.

The DipStick looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen, and to our knowledge, is the only unit of its kind currently on the market. Like the name suggests, you use the device by “dipping” the ceramic atomizer portion into a chuck of concentrate. You then inhale from the mouthpiece located on the opposite end of the unit. Functionality wise, its not that different than your average wax pen, but gives you far more control over the size and potency of your draws.

Seen in the video above, users have the option of “dipping their stick” into a glass jar that contains concentrate, or applying the ceramic tip directly to a slab of your favorite shatter (like a true boss). For less of a mess (and to prevent accidental burns), we recommend using a glass jar. Aside from being completely portable and battery powered, we also give the DipStick high marks for easy maintenance. The stainless steel vapor channel is removable, making it a breeze to clean.

After putting the DipStick through its paces, we’re very happy with the way it performed, and give it high marks for portability, ease of use and build quality – and the 3 year manufacturer warranty is the icing on the cake . Retailing for just under $200, the DipStick is ideal for those looking to upgrade their traditional wax pen.


Micro Vaped Nectar Collector

This is one of our favorites. By teaming up with Nectar Collector – one of Colorado’s premier glass producers – Micro Vaped has created something truly unique and innovative. The MVNC combines the convenience and portability of a wax pen, with the added versatility of a direct-draw water filtration attachment that can be used independently of the battery (billed by Micro Vaped as ‘switch-hit technology’).

You can use the Nectar Collector like a standard wax pen by attaching the included glass chamber and atomizer to the battery and going about your business as usual. You can also use the water filtration attachment with the battery to mix things up a bit. However, the real fun starts when you ditch the battery all together, and attach the water filtration attachment to the included titanium tip for a more ‘direct’ approach.Using the same type of torch lighter you would use with a skillet-style dab rig, heat the end of the titanium tip until its red hot. You then place the tip directly into your concentrate (similar to the DipStick in this sense). However, unlike the DipStick, the Nectar Collector’s added water filtration really takes your dab experience to the next level by cooling and moisturizing your hits.

We love the versatility of this unit, as well as the hand-crafted nature of the water attachment. It’s essentially part wax pen/ part high-quality glass piece/ part dab nail, which is really unique. Retailing for around $130, the Micro Vaped Nectar Collector is an awesome tool to add to your dab arsenal.


Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Like the Launch Box, it’s herbal counterpart, you’re either going to love the Magic Flight Muad-Dib or hate it. To be frank, if you’re a serious dabber, than this little guy probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re a casual wax connoisseur, and aren’t into the whole ‘torch’ thing, then the Muad-Dib is a really cool and unique device that you’ll love.

If you’re familiar with Magic Flight’s flagship unit, the Launch Box, then the Muad-Dib (its concentrate compatible cousin) will look very similar. The design is essentially the same, with a few tweaks that give the unit a look of its own. We received the ‘Noir’ version, which features a matte black finish and a ‘steampunk-ish’ monocle style lid. Like all Magic Flight products, the MD has great visual appeal.

Again, similar to the Launch Box, the Muad-Dib’s heating element is activated by inserting the NiMH rechargeable battery into the unit itself. There’s less of a learning curve with this device, however, than the MFLB, since wax (unlike flower) is meant to burn. If you already have a LB, there is an available concentrate tray accessory that replaces the herb trench, which essentially serve the same function as the MD.

To our knowledge, there’s no other wax vaporizer that utilizes whip-draw inhalation, something that we think adds a cool element the the whole experience. Like all Magic Flight products, the Muad-Dib is covered under a Lifetime Warranty. Priced just under $170, the MFMD is a great investment and an even better all-around product.