While no one disputes the efficiency or effectiveness of the Classic Volcano, that ol’ balloon bag can get a little boring and, if you’re a vape connoisseur like me, you like to impress your friends with nifty designs that also deliver satisfying rips. I never judge a book by its cover, but it’s okay to judge a vaporizer by its appearance. Here are my top 5 vaporizers that combine looks and performance.


1. AroMed Vaporizer – This forced-air vape is totally unique and delivers awesome results. It’s in no way portable; gotta keep this throwback vape on your desktop. Damn thing takes a hot second to setup but it’s so worth it. Looks like it came straight out of a science lab or a hospital room. There’s a digital temperature display so you know exactly how hot your herbs are getting, and the vapor can be directly inhaled through a glass portal and whip or you can filter it through a water chamber. Not only does this thing conserve herbs, the water chamber gives you extra filtration delivering the absolute smoothest draw you can find. The AroMed is a genius design and gets you giggity-giggly huge clouds from your ganja.


2. Magic Flight Launch Box – The Launch Box is the throwback of choice for the portable vaporizer set. These units resemble an old-school dugout pipe and come with the company motto engraved on the back. It’s by far the most artistic vaporizer we ‘ve ever seen; they come in Maple, Cherry and Walnut with the options of several designs on the heating cover. Whether you pick a Tree of Life, a Labyrinth, Metatron’s Cube, or stick with a plain cover, the Magic Flight Launch Box is sure to turn heads. The only real downside is that you have to reload it pretty often since the chamber is pretty compact.


3. Puffit – Are you looking to vape with ultimate stealth and security? No problem. Put your herbs in an inhaler! I pretty much lost my shit when my buddy handed me this thing and said, “Here, Chuck. Get healthy.” The herb chamber is big, the hygenic replaceable mouthpiece is cool, and there’s also a temperature control on the side so you can regulate the intensity of your hits. The only downside for the PuffitVaporizer is that after a couple weeks, the heating unit kinda goes berserk no matter what the temp is and you basically burn your product. Still, in terms of pure aesthetics, this thing is the most inventive vaporizer I’ve ever seen.


4. Pinnacle – The makers of this sleek-ass portable are called VaporBlunt and to be honest, most of their previous offerings looked more like steamrollers than typical blunts, but damn if they didn’t nail it on the head with this little guy. The Pinnacle Vaporizer is a powerful vape designed exclusively for ground blends and delivers hits way better than its’ price competitor, the Pax by Ploom. This thing can fit easily in your purse or pocket and it really looks like a fatty blunt.


5. Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) – Hang ten, bro! The SSV is aerodynamic and packs a big ol’ punch. This vaporizer features a high-quality ceramic heating chamber and ground glass wand construction. It’s basically the cadillac of the whip-style vaporizers. You can’t go wrong with the Silver Surfer because you will get super thick clouds and one load of the wand gets at least ten quality rips, helping you save money on your medicine.