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Total Score

8.4/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Temp Control, Waterpipe Compatible

Quick Review

Manufacturer: VaporBLUNT

The Good:

Heats up quickly with one-touch button activation. Looks really cool and is super stealthy. Has really nice herb chamber and delivers huge vapor clouds. Features a rechargeable battery that can be plugged in anywhere--car, home or computer!

The Bad:

It's a little bulky and doesn't have an oil chamber option. Would be nice to have the option of using with waxes and concentrates.

This thing is awesome. It’s well-made, reliable and it comes at a terrific price for the quality. What’s more it helps conserve your herbs. The water pipe attachment makes it even more versatile than the Pax.

Full Review

A lot of people are into the Pax Vaporizer these days. It’s got a lot of traction as a dry weed vaporizer because of its’ size, portability and efficiency with blends. When I tried a Pax a buddy had, it didn’t really give me the results I desired. I did some research and found that VaporBlunt had just come out with a new compact, portable device called the Pinnacle Vaporizer. I got a hold of one of these models and was blown away with the results.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, you can take it anywhere and it’s super discreet. What I love is that with increased stealth I’m not sacrificing performance. This bad boy has a super powerful heating element, a robust herb chamber and two temperature options: low and high. As with most quality vapes, I don’t like to pack it too tightly but with the Pinnacle there’s no worry about burning or combusting my sweet ganja. All you’ve gotta do is grind it up nice and finely and the heating chamber will take care of the rest.

VaporBlunt helps enhance the experience by including a flavored mouthpiece with every unit. You can also attach a water pipe add-on to get that cool refreshing feel that you do from a bong. This thing charges at home or in the car and the battery will stay charged for at least five hours of continual use. It’s a little bigger than the Pax, but it’s definitely more efficient and delivers super heavy clouds of vapor. I’m so glad I switched to the Pinnacle Vaporizer.

About the Author

Chuck Shweig

Chuck Shweig is a vaporizer enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. He has been a medical marijuana patient for 7 years to help alleviate his chronic pain. In 2008 he bought his first vaporizer (a Vapor Brothers unit) and currently owns three others (the Arizer Solo, the G Pen and 7th Floor’s Da Buddha). In his free time he enjoys taking nice long bike rides and listening to The Chemical Brothers.



    Best portable vape out! Screw the pen-styles, if your looking for performance and portability this is the one to get. I agree with your opinion on the Pax. Pretty overrated in my opinion.

      Bob Chapman

      The Pax might be overrated but still works good.

      I think the edge the Pinnacle has on it is its a bit more powerful. I have gotten bigger hits with the Pinnacle then with the Pax.


        The main problem with the Pax is its made up some pretty flimsy materials.

          Craig Terrill

          Pinnacle Pro > Pax. It isnt even close, the PnP hits soooo much harder, tastes way better and comes with a Hyrdotube. I didnt want to believe that the Pinnacle was better because I spent so much money on my Pax and thought it looked super cool but after finally trying my friends I saw the light. The next day my Pax was up for sale on Ebay and my Pinnacle Pro w/ Hydrotube was on its way from Vaporizer Depot.


    Do you guys have a comparison review of this vs the new Pinnacle Pro, since the price isn’t that much different I was thinking of just spending the little bit extra and getting the Pinnacle Pro. Also will the hydrotube work with this as well? I imagine it would, but just want to know for sure before I submit payment.

      Andrew Ference

      Yea it will, and yes you should get the Hydrotube. It makes a world of difference, you get much milkier vapor and passing the vapor through water cools it down and makes it a lot smoother. Just make sure to get a little velvet padded pouch or something to carry the tube around in when you are traveling. You will be pretty bummed if it breaks in your suitcase or backpack.

        Shelly Silverstein

        Best vaporizer ever, makes the Pax look like Crapx. I dont have the Hydrotube yet but will be picking one up soon for sure. I have a Magic Flight with the Orbitor and that thing is awesome. The Pinnacle Pro is slightly more powerful IMO. Unless of course you hook up the power adapter to your MFLB, then they are pretty much even.


    Now that the Pro is out this vape has kind of been rendered irrelevant but regardless it is a great vape. I think this and the Arizer Solo will be around forever. If you do have one of these you should seriously consider picking up the Hydro tube. It takes your vaporizer game up to a whole new level.


      IDK about that, they are pretty similar and the OG Pinnacle still rips hard. I would agree that if I had to spend the money now I would go with the new Pinnacle Pro but the original Pinnacle still beats the Pax any day of the week.

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