PUFFiT Vaporizer Review

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Total Score

7.9/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Temp Control

Quick Review

Manufacturer: Discreet Vape

The Good:

Fantastically original design (as discreet as possible), quick heat-up time, solid construction.

The Bad:

Doesn't have the same "display on a shelf while not in use" vibe that other vaporizers have. Removable parts are easy to lose.

The world has been waiting for a vaporizer designed like an inhaler for a LONG time, and the Puffit is the first one to market. It may not be as solid as other portable vaporizers, but it does the trick!

Full Review

This little guy is a vaporizer’s dream come true. We have very few complaints about the discreet pocket vaporizer that looks like an asthma inhaler! The Puffit chamber is incredibly easy to load. To begin, we recommend using only finely ground herbs. Twist the cap at the top to reveal your Puffit’s herb chamber. Once your herbs are loaded inside the chamber, twist the cap back on. Removing the magnetic cap over the mouthpiece will then turn on the unit. Slide the mouthpiece halfway off and you’ll notice the heating regulator on one side and the USB cable socket on the other. If you put the mouthpiece back on the Puffit, the magnetic cap will snap back in, which turns the Puffit off. But we don’t want to think about it off. Let’s vape!

Heating up with the Puffit is a breeze. It utilizes a proprietary heating system and a gold-plated micro-hole chamber wall. The micro-holes allow for thorough vaporization of the active ingredients and makes cleaning up incredibly easy.

Just push down firmly on the lid for 2 seconds and when you hear a slight click, the red LED will start to flash slowly. When the light turns green, it’s time to Puffit! We recommend setting the heating regulator to 6 or 7 for an experienced vaporizer to get an optimal hit; anything higher will scorch your herbs. You should feel it in your lungs quickly thanks to the Puffit’s rapid onset time. We found it’s best to take short little puffs rather than big gulps like you would with an asthma inhaler.

The one downside to the Puffit herbal vaporizer is that it has to lay on its side when not in use. It’s a portable vape after all, so this isn’t really too much of an issue. We love the Puffit for its stealth, ease of use, and clever design. This is a potent portable vaporizer that is a real value for the price!

About the Author

Chuck Shweig

Chuck Shweig is a vaporizer enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. He has been a medical marijuana patient for 7 years to help alleviate his chronic pain. In 2008 he bought his first vaporizer (a Vapor Brothers unit) and currently owns three others (the Arizer Solo, the G Pen and 7th Floor’s Da Buddha). In his free time he enjoys taking nice long bike rides and listening to The Chemical Brothers.


    Harold Baines

    What! it looks EXACTLY like my inhaler! hahahahahaa

      Mark Gongloff

      Yea it is an awesome vape. I am able to use mine pretty much anywhere and no one ever notices. I took it to the Brewers game the other day and was vaping behind homeplate the entire day. I recorded the game to watch after but I never got on TV, I was pretty bummed about that. I really to get in on a camera shot and blow a huge cloud of vapor for the whole world to see.

    T. Chambers

    This is a pretty sweet vaporizer. When I am vaping with this people stare directly at me while I vape and have no idea at all I am getting stoned on the subway lol. I never leave home without my Puffit portable vape.


    I actually prefer the old model to the new one. I grabbed the new Puffit X when it first came back and even though it is newer I still find myself reaching for the original. I can see how some people would like the forced air fan but I just don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong they are both good vaporizers but if I had to pick just one it be the Puffit, not the Puffit X.

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