Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer Review

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8/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Oil / Wax, Pen-Style

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Manufacturer: Pulsar

The Good:

This unit is extremely easy to load and use. As far as waxy atomizers go, it's also pretty easy to clean. You can take it anywhere and it looks like you're smoking an e-cigarette. It is a great value because it is so efficient; it's always good to use less product for better results.

The Bad:

Only vaporizes oils and waxes, so if you're looking for something that does blends or is compatible with all three, this is not the pen vape for you.

If you enjoy concentrates, get this vape immediately. It will end up saving you money on product because you can get great results with just a little bit.

Full Review

Having always been a big fan of the Pulsar 7, I was looking for something similar yet capable of vaping waxes and oils. Lucky for me Pulsar recently released a pen-style vaporizer called the Ninja, which works wonders with concentrates. The Pulsar 7 takes only blends which worked fine for a while; when I was first looking for a pen-style vape, I wanted something compatible with blends only. Many pen-styles are pretty weak when it comes to the whole vaporization process, but the Pulsar 7 offered great performance.  The main reason I was looking for portable device capable of using oils and concentrates was because with these substances it becomes even easier to vape on the go. Blends are great since they taste great and I have nostalgic attachment to them, but oils and waxes are much easier to load and the active ingredients are more concentrated.

The Pulsar Ninja, like its brother the Pulsar 7, is very easy to use.  All you do is load your oils or waxes into the atomizer, press the one activator button, then it quickly heats up and is ready for use. The quick heat-up time and easy loading are both big  plusses, making Pulsar Ninja is one of my favorite oil pen vaporizers in my estimation. After using both of these units, I have realized that the Ninja is preferable for travel needs. Sometimes using blends is too much work, especially if I need a good amount for long trips. They can get bulky and make it inconvenient. Oils and concentrates, on the other hand can fit in the smallest of places, are a lot more efficient and discreet than blends. Loading and using the concentrates in the Ninja is very easy and without a lot of work required. The ceramic heating element is very easy to clean too. Since it’s only vaping oils, I don’t have to worry about any content getting stuck to slow down the vaporization process. Considering the ease of use and low maintenance needs, the Pulsar Ninja is going to be in my arsenal for a long time. It’s truly the ultimate pen-style oil vaporizer.

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‘Sconsin is our mid-west blogger. ‘Sconsin graciously offers his services as vaporizer tester for our pen-style and handheld vaporizers. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect vaporizer. ‘Sconsin’s dreams include throwing a football around with Aaron Rogers and having a professional theater installed in his house so he could watch movies and vaporize all day long.



    That little ninja guy on the button is cute.


      too cute! ^__^

        Marty Mc

        I never noticed that was a ninja lol, I have had mine for about three months and never knew what it was. When I finally read this I started busting up laughing and spit out a bunch of vapor because I can’t believe I had been vaping with it so long and never noticed.


    When it comes to pen-style vapes I am not a big fan unless they are oil/wax based types. This little thing works effectively and is reliable whenever I need to vaporizer.

    Kate Sheppard

    Yea I wasn’t super impressed with this vaporizer. I have used a few of the different little pen vapes like this and found nothing new here. I think if you are going to get one of these go for the Sky High or the Vaporite Ruby, at least with those two companies you know you are going to get good customer service. The Sky High people were super easy to talk to and replaced my unit right away after it started heating up.

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