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7.8/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Oil / Wax, Pen-Style

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Manufacturer: Atmos

The Good:

The Bullet-2-Go fits easily in your pocket and is compatible with dry blends, oils or waxes. It's also really cheap vaporizer pen for those on a budget.

The Bad:

What you save in initial price you will expend in frustration. It doesn't vape consistently, can only be charged via USB, and the battery won't hold a charge after a few weeks of use.

Spend the extra cash to get a vaporizer pen that you can depend on for years rather than weeks. This one is a disappointment.

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The Atmos Bullet-2-Go was an early member of a whole new class of vaporizers, the pen style.  Essentially shaped like an electronic cigarette, this unit is the definition of discreet.  It is very simple, comprised of a small heating cartridge and a cylindrical lithium ion battery that it threads into.  The Bullet-2-Go is heated by pressing a button a top the battery.  A light on the tip will illuminate to indicate the chamber is heating up and then flashes to show when the heat has been cutoff, which prevents accidental combustion.


Dry Herb Use:  The Atmos Bullet-2-Go has a rather steep learning curve when it comes to use with dry herb; it heats up quick and very hot.  This can make it easy to hold the button too long, which leads the herb to combust.  Though it may be frustrating at first, some patience and time spent with the Bullet-2-Go will allow you to really understand how it functions.

When grinding your herb, leave it a little coarse and don’t take it all the way to a powder.  Lightly place it in the heating chamber, trying to keep it closer to the mouthpiece of the unit.  Preheat the vape by holding the button for 7 to 10 seconds, then release.  After a brief 2 second pause, hold the button down again.  Every 3 to 4 seconds, take a quick sip of the vapor.  It is a good call to stir the herb after a few draws to prevent it from overheating too much in one spot.  Also, do not clamp when inhaling, allow some airflow around your mouth and the mouthpiece.  The Bullet-2-Go will not produce clouds of vape quite like a desktop unit, as the air path is much shorter.  After use, empty the heating chamber and gently clean with a fiber brush.

Wax & Oil Use:  When it comes to using concentrates in the Bullet-2-Go, it works best with the more viscous style.  Runnier oils can easily leak and possibly damage the heating cartridge.  Atmos suggests removing the spring from the mouthpiece when using with wax, however it cannot be reattached and this will be your concentrate cartridge going forth.  It is good measure for those who plan to use both dry herb and wax to purchase additional heating cartridges, keeping them separate for their specific use.  For the most even application of the wax, use a metal vape tool to collect up your concentrate and then heat the tool to drip it on the heating coil.  Do note that if you scrape the metal tool across the heating element, this can cause damage and prevent it from operating.

Connect the cartridge to the battery and hold the button down.  The Bullet-2-Go is now heating up and quick little inhalations will create the best vapor.  Small amounts work best, as the wax vapes away rather quickly.  Reloading the vape frequently, as opposed to filling with large amounts will keep the cartridge functioning longer and prevent incidental leaking.


As with all dry herb pen style vapes, there is a learning curve that can cause a lot of frustration.  A common misconception with these units is that you can simply load it up and use it all day, which is truly not the case.  The Bullet-2-Go will hold a small amount of herb that will get you 3 to 5 little puffs.  The design is intended for an individual to quickly and discreetly vape on the go, not large clouds.  When the dry herb touches the heating element for too long, it certainly will combust and leave a bad taste in your mouth.  In an effort to avoid this charred flavor, frequent stirs and reloads of the small chamber are completely necessary.  Also take into consideration how long the button is held down for and the timing between inhalations.


As with all electronic devices, the Bullet-2-Go does require cleaning and maintenance.  For the lithium ion battery, keep the threads clean with a little isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip or cotton swab.  After a light application of the alcohol, allow the unit to dry thoroughly prior to use.  Brush the cartridge clean after vaporization if using with dry herb.  When the Bullet-2-Go is used with wax, it is best to vape all of the material and not leave it in the cartridge to harden.  Regardless of what is being vaporized, the cartridges will need to be replaced after extensive use.


The Atmos Bullet-2-Go features a locking function that will prevent the unit from accidentally heating up while in your pocket or purse.  To lock the vaporizer, simply press the button three times in rapid succession.  This will cause the LED light on the tip to flash, signaling that it has been locked.  Now when the button is pressed, the light will no longer illuminate and the vaporizer won’t heat.  The process to unlock the Bullet-2-Go is exactly the same, just push the button thrice.  The unit will automatically cut itself from heating if the button is held down longer than 15 seconds.  This will assist in preventing the herb from burning and insure proper vaporization.


The Bullet-2-Go is a great example of simplicity in the world of vaporizers.  The package contains the Lithium-ion battery, USB charger and one heating cartridge.  The instruction booklet is small and somewhat vague; however the best knowledge truly comes from using the vaporizer.  After your first cartridge burns out, additional carts can be purchased as a pair for only $19.95.  If the day comes that your battery stops taking a charge, buying a brand new Bullet-2-Go is far from a huge investment, coming in at less than $40.


For all of the frugal vaporists out there, the Atmos Bullet-2-Go is certainly a viable option.  This affordable vaporizer will have you enjoying both concentrates and dry herbs alike.  Don’t expect to be exhaling clouds with each hit, because that will only leave you disappointed.  The unit will work best with concentrates, but if you spend the time mastering the proper techniques, dry herb can definitely be vaped by the Bullet-2-Go.  If you need something discreet that can provide light hits while out on the move, check this vaporizer out… and never forget that patience is key.


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Chuck Shweig is a vaporizer enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. He has been a medical marijuana patient for 7 years to help alleviate his chronic pain. In 2008 he bought his first vaporizer (a Vapor Brothers unit) and currently owns three others (the Arizer Solo, the G Pen and 7th Floor’s Da Buddha). In his free time he enjoys taking nice long bike rides and listening to The Chemical Brothers.



    feels cheap as hell. I dont like it. Regret my purchase.


    Yeah I don’t like it it sucks don’t hit as good a my glass pipe


    The Bullet is more of a gimmick than anything else. It does not vaporize the herb, it combusts and turns to smoke. The plant is in direct contact with the heating element as well. Sessions are inconsistent and, at best, result in a smokey puff. The draw through the mouth-piece is like trying to suck a whole watermelon through a straw. You also only get one draw (again, when you’re lucky) between stirring. So that means opening the mouthpiece, knocking your herb out and then reloading between every draw. If you like paying for frustration then go ahead and spend $50 on this.


    Gotta set you straight here… battery lasts as long as average 510′s… as expected? Grind your ‘top quality’ dry herbs up thoroughly… virtual powder… which you could keep in a nice mini test tube for easy pouring and ease of transport. Don’t fill it or you waste it… just cover the top of the element (half way) which is essentially 1-2 good draws… what more do you want when sneaking a quality toke under the pretense of an electric cigarette??? … get it?
    This is exactly what this handy little semi-combustible/vaping device is all about… and getting it for under £10 ($15) on ebay is a must for any self-preservationist… ie…government official, high ranking police officer or indeed average individual who practices modesty regarding their illicit habits? Treat as another arrow in your smoking quiver and you won’t be disappointed.

    Pro’s… spare cartridges available on ebay – fits 510/ego etc – potential for modifications – top price!

    Con’s… cartridge gets a bit hot with over use… solution…don’t over use it… incredible slim design? – takes time to get every detail just right… solution… take your time?

    ‘Horses for Courses’?


      Something I did forget to mention is its ability to drip vape when required… which encourages the creation of your own paste/thick liquid using Propylene Glycol mixed/warmed/blended/steeped slowly with your favourite smoking herb, dry or otherwise. The Bullet 2 Go is particularly well suited for this vaping method and obviously eliminates combustion!
      Lastly you also have the option of adding 3-4 drops of your favourite ejuice over the top of a small amount of dried herb which also drastically reduces risk of combustion, smell and delivers nicotine to boot… can’t for the life of me work out why everyone hasn’t got one… then again perhaps we could always keep it to ourselves?

      Super Sonics

      I agree with not using this as your main vaporizer, it is great for certain circumstances though and will get you where you need to go. Just make sure it charged and loaded and the Bullet 2 Go can be a whole lot of fun. I usually take it with me to basketball games, get really stoned before you go then at halftime you will have yourself a nice little pick-me-up without anyone being the wiser.


    To the people complaining, are you talking about herbs or oils? I’m thinking of getting this for oils only.

    Lysander Hedden

    I see all these people complaining about the unit but cmon its cheap. It’s designed to be used while on the go which should be an occasional thing.


    Atmos doesn’t make a true vaporizer for dry herb. They haven’t figured that part out yet. Avoid their bullet cartridge. It burns everything. I would rather use rolling papers than Atmos products. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper with the same end result.

    My proof.


    honestly I have no complains about it, obviously i wouldn’t recommend smoking herb out of it unless you got the right technique down. But i can honestly say the THC cartridges for them are AMAZING i think the bullet is more discreet , then using the super vapor or the eagle… just saying :)

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