We talk a lot here at Vaporizer-Review.com about vaporizers that work with oils, waxes, and herbs. But there is a fourth category that doesn’t get too much attention: E-Juice Vaporizers. In the first of a series of blogs about e-juice vaporizers and their parts and accessories, we’re presenting two clearomizer models: the Innokin i30 and the Kangertech AeroTank.


The Innokin i30 Clearomizer is unique in a couple of ways. At first glance, you’ll notice the 360° swiveling head. This is a great feature, since you’re really supposed to keep your ejuice vaporizers as vertical as possible. It’s got four long wicks, which leads to powerful hits and great big clouds of vapor. This also ensures you’ll be using your e-juice vaporizer for much longer without having to replace the atomizer. The tank fills up from the top, which keeps things simple and straighforward. The tank is 3.0mL, which is quite large! The tank threading is fragile, and could possibly lead to chips or breaks over time, depending on how gently (or not) you treat your vape.


WOW, I love this clearomizer! The KangerTech Aerotank Clearomizer is designed quite differently from the Innokin i30. To start, instead of four long wicks, this clearomizer has two small wicks that soak the juice from the very bottom of your tank. The AeroTank comes with one additional replacement atomizer, which is super convenient. The tank is filled by turning the clearomizer upside down, unscrewing the bottom, and pouring in your juice. The tank is just a little bit smaller than the Innokin i30 (2.5mL vs 3.0mL). But this one feels very solid — The chamber is glass and the whole thing fits together really well. Additionally, the bottom section unscrews slightly to reveal air holes. These holes act as a sort of carb. Open them, and you’ll let in more air for lighter hits. Close them, and you get a rich, dense vapor.

Both of these clearomizers are available over at our friends at We Vape Vaporizers.