A lot of people are digging on the Atmos Rx Vaporizer these days but I have found that this device pretty much burns up my herbs, which is really annoying. I was recently given a Pulsar 7 vaporizer and this bad boy absolutely dominates the Atmos Rx. The Pulsar 7 is a discreet pen vaporizer that has a surprisingly big herb chamber. It heats similarly but doesn’t reduce the blends to ash, like the Rx has been known to do. As with many portable and The Pulsar 7 is not as sensitive to deep inhales; you can get great results simply by taking short breaths.

The Pulsar 7 charges by either USB or AC adapter and its battery lasts a good 5 hours on a single charge, which is preferable to the Rx as well. The vaporizer is a mere 5 inches in length, which allows me to keep in my palm while inhaling and it’s easily stowed in a purse, satchel or pocket. While it is the best dry herb pen vape available, the consistency of vapor still leaves a little to be desired. We recommend buying your Pulsar 7 vape pen from our trusted retailer, VaporizerPenShop.com, where we got ours.