Is everyone in agreeance that we’re living in some pretty amazing times? Marijuana reform sweeping the country, and competition amongst manufacturers is driving vaporizer prices down while the quality and functionality of said units continues to improve. It’s now easier and cheaper than ever to obtain stellar buds and vape like a boss. With this increase in overall enlightenment, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are perusing the snack aisles more seriously than ever before. Having the perfect munchies is just as important as having some super-heady nugs and a state of the art vaporizer. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the newest snacks to hit the shelves this year.


Oreos having always been one of the most popular munchies for stoners everywhere. As if it wasn’t hard enough to resist polishing off an entire sleeve of our favorite cookies in one sitting, Oreo has made it even harder on us with the release of their latest mouthwatering concoction, Red Velvet. Aside from the obvious red color of the cookie, the real secret to this Oreo’s success lies in the sweet cream cheese flavored filling, which is a bit lighter and fluffier than the traditional creme found sandwiched between traditional Oreos. If you’re a fan of red velvet cakes and cupcakes, or just like stuffing your face with any sort of sugary-goodness, then be sure to give these babies a whirl after your next vape session. You won’t be disappointed.



Personally, chips are my all-time favorite munchies. Sweets are great and all, but for me, nothing compares to that salty, satisfying crunch you get from throwing back handful after handful of glorious crisps. However, don’t waste my time with something juvenile like Original Lays – I want the good stuff! I tend to get a bit excited when I see a flavor of chips the in the grocery store or gas station I’ve yet to try, and when I recently saw Kettle had come out with a new Red Curry flavor, I damn near lost my shit in the middle of Ralph’s. All the flavors or your favorite Thai and Indian dishes are bursting out of every perfectly crunchy chip. Kettle’s website describe the flavor as a “pairing of coconutty sweetness with savory spices, heat from red peppers and a fresh zing of tomato and lemongrass.” I can’t get enough!



Slim Jims are everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. Regardless of how bad they probably are for you, it’s nearly impossible to resist those flavorful beef sticks once you get a little mary jane in your system. Looking to capitalize on the seemingly never ending spread in bacon’s popularity, Slim Jim has released a new line of pork jerky that looks and tastes just like, well, bacon! Slim Jim Bacon Jerky manages to capture the essence of our favorite cut of swine with unprecedented convenience. Let’s face it, when you’re high, you don’t always have the motivation to fry up a fresh batch of bacon on your stove top. Instead, when the craving hits, just tear open a bag of Slim Jim’s Bacon Jerky (hickory or maple flavored) and satisfy that thirst.

Slim Jim Bacon Jerky


There’s literally nothing better than ice cream, except ice cream when you’re blazed. However, there’s something about milkshakes that really take the proverbial cake when it comes to undeniable deliciousness. While making a milkshake isn’t much of a chore, sometimes after hitting your favorite vaporizer, it’s hard to pull yourself away from that game of Destiny or Diablo 3. In these instances, we recommend reaching for the new creation from Cold Stone Creamery: Milkshakers. It’s no secret that Cold Stone whips up some of the most decadent ice cream known to man, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that their new pre-made milkshakes are the ultimate source of rich, creamy goodness when you’re on-the-go.



Since this is the second appearance of a new Oreo flavor on this our list, you’ve probably guessed by now that we LOVE Oreos. While the aforementioned new Red Velvet flavor is certainly delectable, it doesn’t get any better than the newest Oreo flavor that just recently hit the shelves just in time for summer: S’mores! As you might expect, the s’mores Oreo has a graham cracker flavored cookie, as well as two, count-em two layers of marshmallow and chocolate cream. Say goodbye to portion control and hello to adult onset diabetes. Seriously, these things are so god damn delicious, you won’t be able to set them down. I guess if you’re going to go out, you might as well go out shoving S’mores Oreos down your hatch, right?!