Vaporizers that offer herb and wax compatibility have been on an upward trajectory in recent years. Manufacturers have been scrambling to capture the hearts, lungs, and wallets of the rapidly expanding concentrate contingent. Haze Technologies has emerged with a bold new dual-function portable vape backed by an impressive 10 year warranty.


Early players in the wax game were established vape brands like DaVinci (pictured at left), which integrated oil “bullet” cartridges for the Original DaVinci chamber; soon to follow was Magic-Flight, who rolled out a special Concentrate Tray for their Launch Box Vaporizer. After that point every major player in the vape game started modifying their convection ovens for use with concentrates. Both of these had their drawbacks though, as the devices were not specifically engineered to heat such viscous material. The next brand to do it well was VaporBlunt with their Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer, whose approach was improved upon soon thereafter by DaVinci in the Ascent Vaporizer, which offers glass canisters to slide into the ceramic heating bowl.


Stationary vaporizers like the Volcanoreally had to play catch-up because they were engineered and R&D’ed specifically for heating shredded dry leaves. Storz & Bickel’s solution was to offer a little urinal cake looking thingamajig called a liquid pad, which would allow the oils to volatize and evaporate without (theoretically) contaminating the actual heating chamber. As a Volcano owner I’m really skeptical, and have never actually tried this on my own unit, because why risk the hassle of breaking an otherwise flawless machine?


Vapir tried to dupe vape connoisseurs into thinking their VapirRise Vaporizer (which, to its credit, works really fucking well with dry weed), would work with oils by dubbing their Aromatherapy Oil Chamber as “wax compatible,” but this marketing angle soon fell by the wayside as experts complained (rightly so) of poor results from this accessory, which basically only works as a high-powered air freshener, instead of a “get you dabbed” device as we were all hoping it would be.


Earlier this year, Herbalizer broke the mold by offering a liquid pad and heating chamber that is truly wax-compatible. I’ve tried this on a demo and believe me, it works. You get a crazy dab high and the shit evaporates fully using their little brillo pad inside the herbal chamber. Very impressive contraption, that Herbalizer. Finally, Magic-Flight took what they did with the concentrate tray and built it into its very own Launch Box convection oven, called the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, which is only available through the manufacturer.


The Haze is a palm-sized, fast-acting portable vape from a brand new company in the vape scene. They offer the Haze in four different colors, and they combined the juice box look of the Iolite WISPR and the walkie-talkie feel of the Sonic Vaporizer, but the Haze kicks the shit out of these two portables when it comes to vapor quality; moreover it’s altogether unique in terms of the Haze heating chambers. We’ll get to that momentarily.

Another feature that we enjoyed about the design of the Haze is the option to use a glass mouthpiece or a stainless steel extendable mouthpiece; finally there’s the easy open panel on the vape’s outer shell, which encloses and protects the two heating chambers. We haven’t seen any other vape use this type of herb door, and we found it really easy to open, but not that discreet if you need to make a fast inconspicuous switch on the go.


The Haze allows users to consume dry herbs in one basin and concentrates such as marijuana wax, shatter, budder, or hash oil because they offer two dedicated heating chambers separated by a thick metal wall. This is unique in that most vaporizers offering dual compatibility require the user to either put the oil in a cartridge or canister or they erroneously assume that people won’t mind using their wax in the same basin that they use their flowers (i.e. the AtmosRx). We all know now that is a mere shortcut that true vaporizer purists will not stand for.


In addition to offering dual compatibility for materials, the Haze Vaporizer allows the user to decide whether to vape their herbs using conduction in an all-metal tray or via convection in a fine mesh screen tray, similar to the trench in the aforementioned Launch Box Vaporizer. The difference between these two heating methods is simple: with Conduction the heat from the chamber is passed directly to the dry herb; with Conduction, the screen serves as a buffer between the herb and the heating chamber, so that a heat current collects vital ingredients when it moves through and around the loose leaf material inside the vaporizer.

The oil canisters are made of metal with a wick pad to absorb the wax so it doesn’t bubble out of the chamber, seeping into the vape’s internal components.


The Haze Vaporizer is calibrated to function at four different temperature settings. You can see the temperature lights in the picture (at left) near the top of the vaporizer in a column of four LEDs: Haze recommends using 1 and 2 for waxy oils, and 3 or 4 for cannabis. There’s also recommendations for Damiana, Peppermint, Green Tea, Tobacco, Lavender and other innocuous shit that no one has ever heard of, much less want to put in their herbal vaporizer. We tested the settings and found that we definitely got more life out of the wax using the low settings than the higher ones, so they definitely did exceptional R&D on this thing.


Another incredibly innovative thing about the Haze is the stainless steel vape tool (Pictured at Right). We love it because it offers tweezers on one end so you can mete out exact portions of dry herb after you grind them thoroughly. On the other end of the tool is a little shovel tip for extracting your wax or oil from a non-stick container and applying it to the wax canister. This is an idea we think every vape should adopt. In fact a whole cottage industry may arise around creating vape-friendly tools for herb and wax transfers.


While the vapor quality was better than some portables of similar size and build, we noticed that the heating was sometimes uneven in both the Conduction and the Convection screens. We definitely dislike the stainless steel mouthpiece, as this reduced the flavor of the vapor significantly. The glass mouthpiece allowed more taste to arise, but the clouds themselves were still pretty small. Also the vague temperature settings were a little frustrating for vaporizer connoisseurs like us.


The Haze is something completely different, and for that – I respect it. However, I’m not a huge fan of the overall design and it just sort of feels clunky in my hand. I’m sure a lot of people will really dig it, especially considering it’s concentrate capability. However, for the price, I’d rather spend my money on a miVape or Alfa.

If you think the Haze is right for you, you can purchase it from the trusted retailer I recommend. They have a ton of accessories available for the Haze as well.