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Total Score

7.8/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Pen-Style

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Manufacturer: Atmos

The Good:

Quick heating time, long battery life, very efficient, durable construction

The Bad:

Slight learning curve (like most other portable vaporizers), can sometimes unexpectedly burn herb

The AtmosRx Vaporizer is one of the best pen-style vaporizers on the market, thanks to its durability and long battery life. Many happy people have purchased the AtmosRx Vaporizer for their Portable Vaporizer needs.

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Note: The AtmosRaw is now known as the AtmosRx. They are the exact same product, only the name has changed.

There are vaporizers of all shapes and sizes on the market, but what if you want to travel easily with your vaporizer? Nobody wants to lug a cumbersome base unit and balloon bag everywhere with them. The AtmosRx personal vaporizer is a perfect solution for the vaporist on the go!

The AtmosRx Travel Vaporizer is thin and heats up almost instantaneously. Charging is easy as well: simply plug your Atmos Raw pocket vaporizer into your AC outlet or USB port and after an hour, you’ll have a fully charged travel vaporizer that will last for several days of use on only one battery charge.

Due to its size and quality construction, the AtmosRx Portable Vaporizer requires some extra love and care to get optimal performance. First, you should not pack your herbs too tightly; if you do so the AtmosRx Vaporizer will overheat and you run the risk of complete combustion. You really only need to place a couple pinches of herb in it to resume convenient vaping endeavors with your AtmosRx Pocket Vaporizer.

If your AtmosRx Vaporizer is burning your weed rather than vaporizing it, you have three options: Fit a glass screen with five small holes over the heating element. The second is to stir the herbs with a straw or cleaning tool to help create some space for the cannabis vapor to circulate. Finally, just take the ring out of the unit; that will allow you to pack the herbs tighter than before.

Be sure you don’t hold down the button very long. Prolonged holding of the button will result in scorched or burnt herbs and that is not a pleasant taste to inhale. Press the button gently and your AtmosRx Pocket Vaporizer will deliver rich billowy clouds of magnificent vapor. The AtmosRx Herbal Vaporizer is ideal for patients who want to vape discreetly or while in transit.

You can purchase the AtmosRx (RAW) Vaporizer from our recommended vape pen retailer.

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Chuck Shweig

Chuck Shweig is a vaporizer enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. He has been a medical marijuana patient for 7 years to help alleviate his chronic pain. In 2008 he bought his first vaporizer (a Vapor Brothers unit) and currently owns three others (the Arizer Solo, the G Pen and 7th Floor’s Da Buddha). In his free time he enjoys taking nice long bike rides and listening to The Chemical Brothers.



    i’ve had mine 3 years and it still works perfectly

    Megan Loneyson

    Out of all the herbal pen-style vaporizers this is one of the best one. A solid build and a sleek look, what more could you want.

    But yes watch out for combustion. Don’t let it get to hot.



    How long you have to push the button for ideal vaporization with no burning ?



      Typically, 4-5 seconds will do the job. When you go longer than 7-8 seconds, you risk burning your herb.


        7-8 seconds is pretty long, that will almost certainly lead to some combustion. 3-5 seconds is pretty perfect and should still give you a nice sized cloud. Pen vapes are a whole lot of fun, once you get one it is hard to put it down and Atmos makes some of the best!


    Hey guys! Just wanted to stop in and say high! Love the reviews, keep em coming…

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