The DaVinci Vaporizer is a stealthy portable vaporizer originally designed to vaporize dry herbs. I like the DaVinci a lot because it heats up quickly and doesn’t char the shit out of my herbs. Rather than ash them up like pen-style vapes, the DaVinci heats up the active ingredients, vaporizing the leaves which releases THC and CBDs in a light odorless vapor.

A lot of portables say that they’re vaporizers, but really they are nothing more than a glorified pipe. Vapes like the AtmosRx and G5 Vaporizers will basically give you one good draw before the internal heating coil burns the herb to ash.

The DaVinci will never burn your herbal material. Rather it leaves the buds cooked with a popcorn smell and a brownish hue. What’s more, the DaVinci features a user-friendly temperature control and digital readout. As opposed to other portable vapes (such as the Pax Vaporizer) that only have three temperature settings, the DaVinci is awesome because it can be customized to any temperature at all.

The internal lithium ion battery recharges within a couple of hours and there’s an AC adapter included. It would be great if there was a car charger option, though. Having to charge at a wall seriously reduces the portability of the vape.

One thing that’s awesome about the DaVinci is its fast heat-up time. This thing goes from zero to vaping in under a minute, and it has a nice little vent so it doesn’t get too hot in your hand. It’s relatively easy to clean and comes in three different colors which is pretty cool, so it’s good for dudes or chicks who want to vape while on the town.

Overall the DaVinci Vaporizer is pretty reliable and doesn’t burn my weed, but it also doesn’t deliver big-ass tasty clouds like the Arizer Solo. It’s a pretty solid unit but for $200 I was really hoping I would get more bang for my buck. If you want a better value on a handheld vape I’d recommend the Solo or the brand new Sonic Vaporizer.

If you’re looking to purchase the DaVinci, we recommend purchasing from this trusted retailer.