The Sapphire is another pen style vaporizer that was recently released by Vaporite. This unit is designed to vaporize e-juices and runny oils. The tanks utilize a cotton wick that siphons the e-juice up to the heating element where it is vaporized. It heats instantly and produces clouds of vapor with ease. Each fill of the tank can be perfectly accurate thanks to the measurement lines on the side. The clear design allows for you to see exactly how much e-juice is left, which takes the guessing out of refilling. While holding down the button you will notice that it and the bottom of the pen glow red. This light will flash thrice if the battery is dead, so you’ll know when it is time to recharge. The Sapphire comes in black, blue, green, red and silver.



Each Sapphire unit comes in a blister pack that includes a battery, tank & mouthpiece and a USB charger. The battery has a 510 threading and will work with most 510 tanks, but Vaporite suggests using their tanks for the best performance. A mouthpiece cover is included to prevent oil from leaking out of the tank when the pen is not in use. The USB charger threads directly into the battery and can be used with any USB port.


Filling up the tank for the Sapphire is a relatively simple procedure and takes hardly any time at all. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the top of the tank. Looking down into the tank, you will see a small metal piece with an opening the size of a pinhole. Do NOT fill that small hole with oil, as it will damage the tank and prevent any use. Instead pour the e-juice around this area and you will see the acrylic tank begin to fill up. The Sapphire’s tank has milliliter lines to assist in accurately filling, but not overfilling. The absolute most you will want to fill is up to the 1.6ml line, but it works best to stay slightly below. Thread the mouthpiece back on and you will see that it extends down far enough to cover the metal pinhole referenced above; this is to prevent any oil from leaking.


Battery life will vary depending upon how long the unit is charged for. A full charge of the battery will last for the course of a day, providing clouds of vapor. The length of time in which the button is held for will also contribute to the lifespan between charges. When not using the Sapphire, hook it up to the charger and this will help to ensure that the battery is always ready for use whenever you are. Locking the battery prevents any accidental heating, also aids in a lengthier battery life.



Holding the button down and puffing like a cigar will use up more e-juice and battery life, but creates thick clouds of vapor. Allowing the unit to heat for a few seconds before beginning to inhale primes the tank and leads to dense vapor production. A slow draw that does not go directly into your lungs seems to work best, but everyone is different and it is up to you to figure out what technique is your favorite. If you are a light smoker, a small puff here or there might be all fine and dandy.


The Sapphire from Vaporite is definitely a beginner vaporizer for those trying to quit smoking. It is easy to fill up and the markings on the side of the tank make it accurate as well. Though it does not seem to leak at all, the mouthpiece cover ensures that nothing will spill out. The element heats up quickly and is great for discreet pulls of vapor when out in public. And the slim pen style design fits comfortably in your pocket. It looks good in all of the colors available and is a great switch up from smoking.