The Vaporite Ruby wax pen features a flat oval design that is discreet and comfortably slips into one’s purse or pocket. A quick heat up time of only three to five seconds makes it easy to discreetly take a draw when on the go. This unit is controlled by only one button, which makes it so the Ruby hardly has a learning curve and is user friendly right out of the gate. The button on the unit has a little image of a ruby gemstone that illuminates from behind when the button is held down. Pressing the button rapidly five times in a row will lock the vaporizer. This prevents the unit from accidently heating up when in a person’s pocket.

The Ruby is available in black, blue, red and green. All of these color options have a red light behind the battery that lights up when using the Ruby.


The Ruby portable vaporizer includes a battery, atomizer & mouthpiece cover, a retractable USB charger and a metal load tool. The USB charger can connect directly to a computer or any USB port. The metal load tool is perfect for easily placing a waxy concentrate right onto the atomizer. It comes with everything one needs to get going, but it is always a good idea to purchase an additional atomizer to avoid being without the vape when the original burns out.


As with all waxy concentrate vaporizers, the overall life of the atomizer can depend on a lot of different factors. How one loads the wax onto the heating coil, the viscosity of the wax being used and how long the button is held during use are some things to consider. If a metal load tool is used to scrape the wax off onto the coil, this can cause the wires to easily disconnect and render it useless. A thicker concentrate ought to be used in smaller quantities with each fill to avoid gunking up the atomizer. Releasing the button more often will provide a longer life for the atomizer as well. Expect that it will continue to heat for 3 to 4 weeks of consistent usage.


This vaporizer includes an atomizer that is designed to work with waxy concentrates and not the ruiny style of oils. A small metal coil with a bit of cotton extends across the atomizer and this provides the heat for vaporization. After extensive use, I have found that little amount of wax at a time create the best vapor without “clogging” the atomizer. Each concentrate is different though and it is a good call to test out small bits when first using.


As with all waxy style vaporizers, one of the biggest inconveniences is how easy it is for an atomizer to burn out. Though this is not something that can be completely avoided, I have found a way to help it last longer. The most common way to damage the heating coil is with the metal load tool when placing concentrates in the atomizer. Do NOT use the tool to scrape any wax onto the atomizer, as this will almost certainly break the coil free. It works better to collect some wax on the end and heat the metal with a lighter about half way up. This will cause the concentrate to liquefy just enough to drip down onto the heating coil. This method will provide a longer lifetime for the atomizer.


The Vaporite Ruby is an affordable way to vaporize wax without requiring an entire oil rig setup, plus it is portable! Though the atomizers can burn up quickly, the method listed above will definitely provide a lot more use out of them. At this time Vaporite does not offer spare atomizers, but virtually any other atomizer out there is perfectly compatible with the Ruby. It may take a few times to get the atomizer loaded perfectly, but just remember to start with little amounts of concentrate. Though it may not always be the most reliable way to use wax, the Vaporite Ruby makes taking dabs both easy and convenient.

You can purchase the Ruby from this trusted retailer we recommend.