The O-Phos is a pretty sweet little oil vaporizer. It looks a lot like your standard office fountain pen so it’s really discreet and great for use anywhere. I would highly recommend this vaporizer pen for anyone looking for a durable and reliable vape; whether you’re an experienced vaporist or if you’re just getting started with essential oils and concentrates, the O-Phos Vaporizer will not disappoint.

Delta 9 built the O-Phos with a durable, wind-resistant exterior and fashioned it to fit snugly in a pocket or handbag for discreet usage. Taking a hit is pretty easy but as with any vaporizer, you have to do it a couple of times to get the hang of it. From a cold start, all you do is fill your chamber with extract, screw it on the battery, and then prime the unit by holding down the power button for a few seconds and gently inhaling. You might hear a tiny pop but keep inhaling until you feel vapor enter your mouth. Be sure not to inhale deeply, as this may result in clogging.

I really enjoy using the O-Phos Vaporizer. It delivers quality hits consistently and makes the most of my concentrates. Moreover it can be charged with a USB Battery Charger and AC adapter so you can charge it virtually anywhere, assuming your car has a USB port. There’s no cigarette plug adapter but that’s a small gripe as this battery gives you a good five hours of use on a single full charge. Delta 9 has made a satisfying oil vape that pays huge dividends once you get past the slight learning curve.

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