O-Phos Vaporizer Review

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Total Score

8.3/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Oil / Wax, Pen-Style

Quick Review

Manufacturer: Delta9

The Good:

Really discreet pen vape for essential oils. Fast acting battery with smooth draw.

The Bad:

Users need to regulate breathing so as not to corrode the vapor path. Those used to taking deep hits will need to practice.

Great value all in all. Makes efficient use of extract so it’s perfect for vapor experts and not too difficult if you’re new to vaping concentrates.

Full Review

The O-Phos is a pretty sweet little oil vaporizer. It looks a lot like your standard office fountain pen so it’s really discreet and great for use anywhere. I would highly recommend this vaporizer pen for anyone looking for a durable and reliable vape; whether you’re an experienced vaporist or if you’re just getting started with essential oils and concentrates, the O-Phos Vaporizer will not disappoint.

Delta 9 built the O-Phos with a durable, wind-resistant exterior and fashioned it to fit snugly in a pocket or handbag for discreet usage. Taking a hit is pretty easy but as with any vaporizer, you have to do it a couple of times to get the hang of it. From a cold start, all you do is fill your chamber with extract, screw it on the battery, and then prime the unit by holding down the power button for a few seconds and gently inhaling. You might hear a tiny pop but keep inhaling until you feel vapor enter your mouth. Be sure not to inhale deeply, as this may result in clogging.

I really enjoy using the O-Phos Vaporizer. It delivers quality hits consistently and makes the most of my concentrates. Moreover it can be charged with a USB Battery Charger and AC adapter so you can charge it virtually anywhere, assuming your car has a USB port. There’s no cigarette plug adapter but that’s a small gripe as this battery gives you a good five hours of use on a single full charge. Delta 9 has made a satisfying oil vape that pays huge dividends once you get past the slight learning curve.

If you’re interested in buying an excellent and affordable vape pen, we suggest clicking here to buy the O-Phos Vaporizer. It’s the store where we got ours and we highly recommend their service.

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‘Sconsin is our mid-west blogger. ‘Sconsin graciously offers his services as vaporizer tester for our pen-style and handheld vaporizers. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect vaporizer. ‘Sconsin’s dreams include throwing a football around with Aaron Rogers and having a professional theater installed in his house so he could watch movies and vaporize all day long.


    Dennis Bocack

    I love this vaporizer. It is sleek, portable and works really well. Pen vapes are usually pretty crappy I’ve never heard any good things. This one has been pretty reliable.

      Paige Lavender

      Yea Delta 9 makes really good stuff both quality wise and aesthetically. I have had my pen vape for about 9 months now and it has worked great every time I needed it. You just need to make sure that you are cleaning your pen vaporizer often and keeping it charged. I keep mine in my car and have been pulled over with it multiple times with the vaporizer in plain sight, the cops never even gave it a second look, not that it matters now because I live in Washington State!

    Craig Rothbard

    I see a lot of people with this vaporizer. I am not sure if this the one I always see but it definitely looks like this one. Maybe black/silver styled units are the norm nowadays?

    The bad part you mention users have to regulate breathing. Is this the case with all vaporizers, or is this one in particular more of an issue.


      Craig, you’ll find it in a minority of pen vaporizers. Most respond to your breath intake the way you’d expect. This one is a bit counter-intuitive and does require “getting used to it”.

        Craig Rothbard

        Thanks. Yeah there are so many of these units nowadays that it’s hard to the tell the difference between them all.


    You review confirms all the good things I have been hearing about this vaporizer. I have been looking for a new wax pen for a long time now and think this just pushed me over the edge. I was also thinking about getting a Vaporite Ruby as a travel companion just to be safe. At the end of the day they are both good vapes but the OPhos certainly looks much more powerful.

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