The White Rhino W Pen Vaporizer is a brand new vape pen designed to vaporize concentrates. This device is similar to the G Pen but it is ideal for waxes as opposed to the liquid oils. It is powered by a high quality lithium-ion battery that can be charged in a USB plug or a regular AC adapter.

As with most pen vaporizers, you have to charge your battery out of the box. To unlock the battery, click the button 5 times rapidly and then screw it into the charger unit. This one takes about 4 hours to get a complete charge and it will give you a good 5 hours of use provided you turn off the battery immediately after taking a rip. It’s also imperative that whatever material you use is cleaned out of the atomizer thoroughly before re-loading the chamber.

On the whole I really enjoyed this vaporizer pen. It’s basically the same as the G Pen in my opinion; it’s made with high quality components and it looks really sleek and discreet so you can take it pretty much anywhere. The only difference is that the G Pen does liquid oils really well whereas this one is primarily designed for vaporizing waxes. You can use the liquids but I don’t recommend putting a lot in at a time. Just a tiny dab will go a long way and the waxes are just easier to clean once you’re done. This is a really good product for the price and the best thing is that the waxes don’t emit that distinct weedy odor so you can use your White Rhino W Pen wherever you want and people will either not notice or just think you’re using a regular e-cigarette.