Hey guys, your ol’ buddy Chuck Shweig here with a special announcement. We were just chillin’, grooving out to Random Access Memories, hitting the Magic Flight, talking fantasy football and we decided that we wanted to invite more voices in the conversation.

So check this out: Vaporizer-Review recently launched a brand new vaporizer forum for you, our loyal readers, to interact and discuss anything and everything vaporizer-related. Heck, you can even discuss stuff that isn’t vaporizer-related. Even though we’re vapor experts, we’re deeply interested and invested in other aspects of the movement too — not solely vapes. For example, Bob Dog the Phenomenon is always staying abreast of the marijuana legalization developments taking place in Washington DC and nationwide. He’s always pointing to the US map, saying shit like “tide’s a turning boys, and the surfers are gonna need vapes if they want to hang ten!”

And ‘Sconsin? That dude just likes to talk about football. But that’s okay too!

We created our site to be a hub for people seeking quality vaporizer information and we want our vaporizer forum where regular folks like us can seek tips and helpful feedback from other vapor enthusiasts. Here you can feel free to ask questions about vaporizers you’ve purchased, vapes you’re interested in, and maybe even dream up new devices or suggest improvements for existing vapes!

We’ve had a really good response in the couple of months that the forum has been

Please keep it clean, respect your fellow vapeheads and VAPE ON!