To casual onlookers, the Vapor Genie might look like a standard tobacco pipe, but it’s actually a really great marijuana vaporizer! Being a vaporizer, the ingredients vaporized are a lot safer then what you would get from a normal pipe. When you use the Vapor Genie you get silky smooth vapor and ultimately a great aromatherapy experience. With the similarities to a standard pipe, it is important to understand how to use the Vapor Genie as there are some notable differences users should be aware of to get the maximum benefit.

First thing first: when using the VaporGenie vaporizer one needs to be aware they are not using a standard pipe. Like with other pipes you need a lighter to heat up your contents. However, unlike other pipes it is crucial to not touch the ceramic core with the flame, but to keep the butane lit for the entire duration of your hit. A reason this helps is that it isolates the flame within the chamber so it heats up your substances thoroughly.

Another thing to notice is the way you inhale and take rips with the vaporizer. Getting proper air flow is an essential part of gaining the best possible hits and quality vapor. Try it out a couple of times to get a desired rate of air flow, although a couple of things I have noticed can work if you’re having issues. Sometimes you might have the urge to inhale fast but this can make the vapor cooler than normal. On the flip-side if you inhale too slowly, you might get a harsher hit as the vapor becomes too hot.

The last thing to take notice is how you get your blends ready for use. Preparing materials is an essential part of vaporizing and with Vapor Genie this even more important. Make sure to grind your herbs enough, with it spread out evenly to fill the volume of the chamber. You don’t need much but if ground well, it will really help the heating process. After every couple of hits make sure to shake up the substances to ensure every lasting quality vapor.

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