Since its release, the VaporBrothers vaporizer has changed the vaporizer industry forever. Featuring the first box-style design, VaporBrothers released a truly original product. The design of the vape is easily recognizable to folks familiar with vaporizers. The angled box shape has become very popular and has since been adopted by countless manufacturers trying to replicate the appeal of VaporBrothers. Even with the imitators nobody has since matched the overall function and look of the VaporBrothers vaporizer. The VaporBrothers vaporizer uses a whip-style system, made up of entirely mineral ceramic and glass in the heating element. This is distinct from other vaporizers which use metals or glues producing toxic elements. For a modern vaporizer, the VaporBrothers is one of the most efficient and “natural” units available. Owning the VaporBrothers will ensure only high quality vaporization for years to come. There are several things to remember that will help ensure an even better user experience.

Using whip-style systems, one needs to replace the whips every once a while. Of course this is dependent on how often you use it; over time the whip or tubing will get abused, meaning it will get dirty from constant inhalation or from it being tossed around. Replacing the whips is essential to get a more enjoyable hit, as well as conserving your blends. A cleaner whip will allow you to use less of your blends as you get more active ingredients with each rip. Luckily, replacing whips is fairly affordable.

Another thing to take note of when using a hands free whip system like the VaporBrothers vaporizer is to stir your blends throughout your session. Stirring the blends once or twice will produce more even vapor flow, without any lag in inhalation. If you just let your substances sit there, you good get a big hit initially, then a weak one right after. Keeping a good balance and filling evenly should make the hits more consistent. Some other suggestions are: keep it out reach of potential harm and be careful when handling the vape. It is pretty sturdy, but anything is possible.