VaporBrothers first busted onto the scene back in 1999 when they released their incredible box style herbal vaporizer onto the market. This revolutionary herbal vaporizer led to countless cheap knock-offs to come out over the years. But Vapor Brothers still is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to quality made the best vaporizers, specifically in the box style. They incorporate high quality ceramic heating mounts and they are built from the most durable parts and components. Vapor Brothers even offers a Lifetime Warranty with their Herbal Vaporizer because they believe in their product so fervently. Below you will find some tips and tricks on how to enjoy your Vapor Brothers Vaporizer effortlessly for years of happy vaporizing.

We consider this one of the best vaporizers because it only requires minimal cleaning. The only part that really requires any cleaning is the screen inside the whip, as regular usage may eventually cause it to clog. A simple salt and 90% isopropyl alcohol solution will work wonders. Just soak the screen for half an hour before rinsing it off and placing it back into the whip. If it’s too worn out we recommend going to your neighborhood smoke shop and buying a new screen. They’re cheap.

To get started replacing the screen, first you want to remove the old screen. To do this, use the VaporBrothers Whip Pick Tool which can be purchased online or at your local head shop for about five dollars. Use the hooked end of the Whip Pick to remove the screen then fold your new screen into a basin shape. Grab the bamboo stick included with your vaporizer and use it in conjunction with the pick tool to pop your screen back in.

When it comes to whips, there is really only one recommendation we can give, and that is for the VaporBrothers EZ Change Whip Kit. It uses ceramic screens instead of the stainless steel screens that you find in most whips. This is quite revolutionary — No disposable screen replacements are ever needed! But you should still clean your whip every few months so you are able to get the purest tasting vapor possible. Of course if you don’t want to waste time cleaning your hose, you can simply purchase a new Vaporbrothers hose to replace the dirty one.