We got the Plenty Vaporizer yesterday and I was really excited to try out this vape since it’s made by Storz & Bickel, the same people who make the Volcano Vaporizer. First thing I noticed out of the box is that this vaporizer is unlike any other out there. It looks a lot like a soldering iron so they definitely succeeded in creating a unique design. It kind of feels like you’re putting a gun in your mouth when you inhale, but it’s got a really sophisticated stainless steel vapor tunnel which helps cool the vapor for inhalation.

To load it up just twist open the herb chamber and put your ground up medicine in there, then lock it in place. After that I just hit the orange power button and the Plenty heats up in about 2 minutes. When I hit it I was really impressed. The vapor was similar to the flavor and consistency delivered by the Volcano; with a wide herb chamber we were able to get better vaporization of our blends. The coil really does cool down the vapor, and this is a huge plus for guys like us at the Review, where we don’t really dig the hot vapor produced by most whip style units. With the Plenty Vaporizer, you can feel the difference: at the bottom of the coil, it’s warm, but if you run your finger up the coil it gets progressively cooler until you reach the mouthpiece where there’s no heat whatsoever. German genius at work!

One thing that’s a little weird is the temperature display. I’m a digital guy myself, so this old school analog thermometer feels a little dated but it adds to the aesthetic. Another major drawback for the Plenty is that you can’t really take it on the road. It’s a handheld but it’s definitely not portable as you have to keep it plugged into a wall in order to use it. If there was a car charger option, this would definitely make our top ten list.

My impressions of the Plenty are that it delivers satisfying, efficient performance through innovative engineering and a memorable design but with sub-par versatility. A car charger would be a great addition for future iterations of the Plenty Vaporizer.

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