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Total Score

7.9/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Battery Powered, Temp Control

Quick Review

Manufacturer: Ploom

The Good:

Heats up fast. Easily portable and discreet. Looks cool.

The Bad:

Burns the herbs more often than not. Pop-out mouthpiece is a little weird. Difficult to clean. Needs more temperature variation.

Good but not great. It fits snugly in your hand and the lights are cool; but overall vapor quality is disappointing, and sometimes you get that charred bud taste as if you’re smoking a pipe.

Full Review

Relax, Hit the Pax.

The Pax Vaporizer, made by an e-cig company called Ploom, is undoubtedly one of, if not the most popular portable vaporizers available in today’s market. Its sleek and portable design makes the Pax an extremely convenient (dare I say, sexy?) vaporizer.

The Pax will also alleviate any concerns of being discreet, as it easily fits in your pocket. It’s approximately the length of the standard iPhone and about half of the width. Its light weight makes it more convenient to carry than some of the other, bulky portable units.

Many new vaporizer users are often overwhelmed with the overall complexity of some of the units, which is why I like the Pax. It’s user-friendly. Charging, packing, heating & drawing are all stress-free, simple tasks, making every vaporizing experience a relaxing one.

The heating chamber generates decent vapor production, but it’s not great. Some say that the heating chamber improves the taste of the vapor, but I didn’t notice a difference. The Pax has 3 pre-set temperatures, but I think it could have more. In comparison, The Arizer Solo has 7 heat settings, the Pinnacle Pro has 5 & the Sonic lets you set the exact temperature. All of these provide way more potent hits as well.

Also, I’ve noticed the Pax will sometimes overheat and combust the herb, essentially making the unit a fancy smoking pipe. When this happens, I usually turn the unit off and let it cool completely before using it further. The cleaning of the Pax is kind of a hassle, as well. It doesn’t have a removable bowl or replacement screens.

Overall, I definitely agree that the Pax is an attractive portable vaporizer, but at the end of the day, vaporizing is about performance and efficiency. With these two factors in mind, there are other units I would recommend: for something similar in size and stealth, check out either the Pinnacle Pro or the Arizer Solo.

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    Pax Vaporizer

    Very interesting article, Anothony. You’ve got me hooked up – keep up the nice work!


    I had my Pax for about 8 months and it worked great until the mouthpiece broke the other day. It heats up pretty quickly and creates big hits of vapor. It’s really easy to carry around in your pocket from place to place. You can pretty much vape wherever you want. I sent back my broken unit and hopefully will be getting a replacement soon.

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