Edibles are nothing new, but with marijuana reform on the rise, edibles have seen a steady increase in potency, availability and deliciousness! In the past, edibles were sort of a “hit or miss” product, with no guarantee of effectiveness. But with new regulations and labeling practices, edibles have become a surefire way to stay heavily medicated for hours on end. It’s safe to say that the edibles nowadays are way more potent than your moms pot brownies from 1973, and probably taste a hell of a lot better too. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite edibles that are available to patients where permitted.

1) Cheeba Chews

Originally conceived in Colorado, Cheeba Chews have become one of the most popular edibles among patients and recreational users alike. With a wide variety of flavors now available, patients can purchase Cheeba Chews with 70, 100 or 175 mg of THC. In addition to their highly potent THC edibles, CC also offers a line of candies with CBD infused in their products which can provide great relief for patients suffering from chronic pain or other ailments. Cheeba Chews are available at many dispensaries across California and Colorado. Check them out online to find a dispensary that carries them close to you.


2) Kiva Bars

Kiva confections pride themselves on being one of the most recognizable medical cannabis companies in California. With their distinct packaging and enticing names like Vanilla Chai, Irish Crème and Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Kiva Bars have become a staple for most California dispensaries. Boasting a whopping 180mg of THC in each bar, patients are sure to enjoy the potent effects Kiva’s have to offer. Peep them here.

3) Hubby Bars

I can safely say from personal experience that Hubby Bars are without a doubt the most potent edibles I’ve ever ingested. One bar had me heavily medicated for close to 8 hours and that can be directly attributed to their signature XXX Hubby’s Oil they infuse in each bar. Unfortunately there was a period of time where a rash of counterfeit Hubbys made their way into SoCal dispensaries but since that time the official Hubby Bar company has released a list of authorized dealers who carry their products. If you make your way to one of these authorized collectives, I highly recommend picking one up, you will not be disappointed.

4) Bhang Bars

The company that manufactures Bhang Bars not only make incredibly tasty medicated chocolate bars, they also have CBD & THC mouth spray, medicated gum and bite sized chocolate truffle squares that will have you feeling nice and stony. Their products contain a variety of THC mg going up to 180mg. If you find these at your local club, give them a shot and taste the “perfection in cannabis confection.”

5) Liquid Gold

No, not Velveta. Liquid Gold Confections by G FarmaLabs are a line of medicated edibles manufactured with a lower dose of THC (25-50mg per box) that allows patients to consume more of their favorite snack without getting blitzed out of their mind. Liquid Gold comes in two recipes, Peanut Brittle and Chocolate Covered Pretzels (insert Mall Rats reference here). If you’re looking for some light snacking with a medicated tinge, try digging into some Liquid Gold.