Medbox to Release miVape in May 2014

Posted January 3, 2014 by Jack in Black in Vaporizer Blog
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The time has finally come! Medbox has officially announced the final testing phase of their newest portable vaporizer, the miVape; now vapor aficionados are probably groaning in disbelief at that sentence, since the miVape one of the most highly-anticipated portable vapes in the history of the industry. After acquiring Vaporfection International Inc. in March 2013, Medbox has revealed that they will soon be releasing their first portable vape to compete with industry leaders like Pax and DaVinci.

Scheduled to release on May 1, 2014, the long-awaiting miVape is expected to outperform other portable vaporizers available on the market today. Some even will go as far as to refer to the miVape as a game changer in the portable vaporizer industry, a revolutionary development in the industry of medical technology. Purported to outperform high-ranking vapes such as the Pax, the Ascent and Arizer Solo, some rightfully question the validity of the miVape’s sky-high hype.

Could the miVape be the future to vaporizing? Maybe. Or, maybe its over-extended buildup could just drop the ball and disappoint its users, much like the Puffit Vaporizer. However, according to FuckCombustion, Vaporfection is aiming for a 4-5 hour battery life, which if attained, would be an excellent step ahead of most, if not all, other portable units on the market. The longest battery life that I’ve found in any other portable unit was that of the Arizer Solo, lasting for about 3 hours. Again matching and/or surpassing the Solo, the miVape also shares the feature that allows users to vape while the unit is charging.

In terms of aesthetics, Vaporfection seems to understand popular and successful marketing techniques. The miVape was conceived to mimic Apple’s sleek iPhone design that has been an undisputed trendsetter in the cell phone industry. Thanks to its professional, thin aesthetic and all-glass herbal chamber, the miVape vaporizer is positioned to stand out in an industry that has been engulfed in cloned portable devices that only scratch the surface of a true vaporization experience.

When designing and developing the miVape, Medbox sought out popular features amongst vaporizers that we’re currently available, along with all the ongoing drawbacks other units were having, so that they could produce the best portable vaporizer possible. Utilizing an all-convection heating method with an advanced temperature control system, miVape users can vape easily free from the risk of combustion and the release of harmful toxins and carcinogens. The miVape is not only easy to transport, but it’s efficient too; it features an expertly calibrated heating unit and its performance is said to speak for years of diligent engineering and development in its long-awaited leap into the future of vaporizing.

If you’re interested in sampling Vaporfection’s handy work, we suggest you purchase a viVape from our trusted retailer.

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