Hey you know what’s really cool? Medical marijuana! What’s even cooler? Enjoying your medicine through a handy personal vaporizer! And what would be even more baller? Enjoying those vapes completely legally, without Uncle Sam acting like Big Brother! Oh yeah, you know activism is my jam, guys. We’re all about keeping you healthy while you enjoy your herbs and keeping you educated on your personal liberties to do so. I mean come on, it’s your body. You should really be free to medicate it as you see fit.

Another thing that’s really cool is that now the feds are finally cooling their jets on this whole issue. It’s been a long time coming but finally the Obama Administration is relaxing their stance on federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries, at least in reference to Colorado and Washington, the two states that last year voted to legalize weed for recreational use.

The fight for marijuana legalization has been going on for a long time and the tide is actually turning in a big, big way. Former Presidential candidate John McCain recently voiced his support of the people’s will in supporting full legalization. In more tangible , Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent announcement about the Department of Justice comes just as we are approaching the 25-state plateau, the threshold we anticipate for Congress to enact nationwide legislation, possibly even in the form of the 28th Amendment. After all it took a Constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol sales and production (the 18th) as well as another amedment–the 21st to repeal that prohibition. So we at the Review feel that it Mr. Holder’s announcement is a bellwether proclamation for those of us who enjoy our right to use our sweet portable vaporizers as we so choose.

It’s possible there will still be raids for intimidation and extortion purposes carried out in California and Oregon since this is where much of the big money operations do business, but we can see the light on the horizon. It’s a light that is a long time coming as the U.S. is slowly dulling the teeth in its nearly hundred-year-old war on drugs–namely marijuana. However, another good sign from the DOJ is the word that they will ease pressure on banks doing business with marijuana dispensaries.

What do you think about Attorney General Holder’s landmark announcement? Please let us know your thoughts below.