Like much of the vaping populace, I love my Herbalizer Vaporizer. This is one of the most enjoyable vape experiences I’ve ever had and I want to expand upon our Herbalizer Vaporizer Review with this supplementary blog post about the accessories that come standard with every Herbalizer. The company not only makes a state-of-the-art herbal vaporizer, they augment the brilliance of the flagship vape with a slew of helpful tools that expedite and improve the vaporization process. If you need replacement parts for your Herbalizer, just click here and our trusted partner will take care of you!

These Accessories come with every Herbalizer Vaporizer:

  • 4 SqueezeValve Balloons
  • 3-Feet of Silicone Tubing
  • Mouthpiece
  • Magnetic Bowl
  • Stash Box
  • Vial of DeFunk Essential Oil
  • Grinder Card with Logo
  • Case to store your herbs – Aromatherapy blend Included
  • Herbalizer Grinder Card
  • herbalizer-grinder-card

    The Herbalizer Vaporizer contains a mezzanine storage area for all of the accessories that make the vaping experience enjoyable. The mezzanine storage is a really cool hidden tray that pulls down from the top of the shell. The tray contains a blend of aromatherapy herbs, an Herbalizer grinder card, and a vial of DeFunk essential oil, which you really only use on the Aromatherapy mode, meaning it’s something you definitely should not inhale. You’re going to be tempted to inhale it from the whip “just to see if this thing really works.” Just don’t. It smells cool in the room, but shit man, don’t inhale that stuff. Just take our word for it. It tastes god-awful. The magnetic chamber is where you put the herbs for direct inhalation, so don’t put the DeFunk in there on the oil pad, or else your herbs are going to smell like lavender when you go to vape next. You don’t want that, believe me.

    At left you’ll see the Herbalizer Grinder Card, emblazoned with the Herbalizer logo, which conveniently emulates the vitamin company Herbalife, with its two generic leaves and sleek lowercase H. This looks more like a medical device and less like a weed device than any other vape out there, and the aesthetics bear that out. With the grinder card all you do is rub your nugs against it like cheese against a cheese grater, and the shredded leaves will fall through onto whatever surface you’ve set up to catch them. Using this method will get your weed ground up to a perfect consistency for vaping. You want to maximize airflow through the chamber, that’s why it’s best to not shove a big nug into the herb chamber. That would clog the airflow and result in uneven heating of the buds.


    Pictured at left is the balloon bag for the Herbalizer Vaporizer. You’ll see a little green mouthpiece at the bottom of the bag. This is the SqueezeValve system that Herbalizer created in order to set itself apart from the Volcano and Vapir Rise Vaporizers. Each of those systems employs a hard plastic valve and mouthpiece, whereas the Herbalizer valve is made from flexible rubbery plastic. This makes it much more pleasant on your lips when you’re inhaling your vapor, and it’s easier to clean as well!

    The Herbalizer comes with 4 bags which should be good to get you through your first 6 months of vaporizing. After which time it’s probably good to order a set of 4 new ones. Regularly replacing the balloon bags will ensure that you’re getting the most flavor out of your herbs with the Herbalizer. If you continually load one bag with vapor routinely, you’re going to get a lot of discoloration and contamination of the plastic, which will eventually dilute and overpower the taste of your vapor.


    Pictured at right is the herb loading chamber that features the magnetic seal, unlike any other desktop vaporizers. This is where your herbs sit to create the warm, loving stream of milky sweet vapor for your relaxation and therapeutic benefit. Vaporizer-Review is proud to bring you all the best information about Herbalizer Vaporizer parts and if there’s something you want to know more about that we have not included, please leave us a comment below.

    How has your experience been with the Herbalizer? Let us know any tips or tricks you may have!