If you’re new to the art of vaporization, many of the units out there may seem rather intricate; while some are complicated to operate and maintain, we at Vaporizer Review believe that first-time vaporists should choose a straightforward, dependable delivery device for enjoying their medicine.

A vape that fits those criteria to a T is the Hot Box Vaporizer, a standard in the world of whip-style vaporizers. This was my first home vaporizer and I recommend it for several reasons: it’s extremely effective at evenly vaporizing, you won’t burn your material, and the whip delivers satisfying milky inhalations that won’t irritate the back of your rookie throat.


If you are a beginner, there are a few things you need to know: the whip is the entire silicone tube with mouthpiece and wand attached. “What is a wand?” you may ask. Good question. The wand is the chamber in which the herbs are packed–loosely, I might add. If you load your wand too tight you will run the risk of combustion, which defeats the purpose of vaporizing. This is a “hands free” vaporizer which means that you don’t need to hold the wand up to the ceramic heating element in order to vape the herb. The wand will rest on the element so your hand need not get hot.

This aspect is crucial to sustained enjoyment of the Hot Box as the box itself gets very, very HOT. This is the most accurate name in the vaporizer universe. It’s a tile exterior and it feels like a hot stove burner when it’s at temperature. The unit takes about 3 minutes to reach 400 degrees, which is the ideal vaporizing temperature. All in all, the Hot Box Vaporizer has stuck around because it’s so darn easy to use, clean and maintain. They look cool on the mantle and they deliver awesome results with regular cleaning. Just be sure to change your screens and whip tubing every 3 months and you will be enjoying your Hot Box for years to come.