The Plenty is a premier portable vaporizer that is taking the vaporizor world by storm. Unlike its big brother, the balloon-bag Volcano (both made by Storz & Bickel), the Plenty is a handheld vaporizer that utilizes a coil to vaporizer your herbs. Vaguely resembling a power tool, the Plenty can be easily transported and charged wherever you need it — even in the car! I’d like to share with you some practices that have helped me maximize the efficiency of the Plenty — one of the best vaporizers I have ever used.

One of the main features of the Plenty is its massive herb chamber. This is an incredibly versatile device, with herb storage space for up to four vapers. The width of the chamber also increases its surface area, which helps produce thicker, frothier vapor hits. If you’re using it by yourself, just put a pinch of herbs at the bottom and then take the Liquid Pad (included in packaging) and put it on top of the herbs, to fill up the rest of the space inside the chamber, so that when you screw the coil piece on top, all of the contents become packed snugly inside and the herbs are pressed evenly across the bottom screen. This feature makes the Plenty one of the best vaporizers for getting the most out of your herbs.

Putting the pad in prevents the herbs from sliding around. Since your Plenty is a handheld vaporizer, you’ll probably leave it stationary while it’s charging and heating, but when you start to inhale, you’ll want to tilt it a bit so your herb chamber will be sideways. If you neglect to include the Liquid Pad, your herbs will slide around inside and will not vaporize evenly. It’s very important that you use this add-on because the unit will provide much more satisfying vapor clouds.

However, this is only for personal use. If you plan to use your Plenty vaporizer for a group setting, I recommend filling the herb chamber completely because the herbs cannot move around when you move the unit different directions. If you pack it completely, you don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding. They will stay pressed against the screen evenly for the whole time. Follow these tips and enjoy years of vaporizing satisfaction with the Plenty portable vaporizer!