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Firefly 2 – A Few Tips for Bigger Hits

By  •  1 year ago

It seems some folks aren’t getting big hits until later in their session with the Firefly 2. There’s a practical reason for this with a very easy …
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Pulsar APX Wax Blackout Giveaway

By  •  2 years ago

Pulsar APX Wax

We’re back at it again with another vaporizer giveaway. Who doesn’t want to win free stuff!?

This go around, we’d …
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Best Portable Vaporizers

Black Widow Vaporizer

By  •  2 years ago

I think you’ll agree when I say:

It can be tough to find an honest vaporizer review. They’re often sponsored by big name manufacturers. And what …
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AirVape XS Shell Review

By  •  2 years ago

After watching a morgue of broken vaporizers gather in my desk drawer over the years, I’m a big proponent of protecting investments with vape cases. …
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Best Vaporizers of 2016

By  •  2 years ago

2016 was a big year for the vaporizer. A plethora of new vaporizers hit the shelves. Smaller, sleeker builds and stronger vapor production arose. Innovative features like …
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