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Total Score

7.9/ 10

Vaporizer Attributes:
Portable, Oil / Wax, Pen-Style

Quick Review

Manufacturer: White Rhino

The Good:

Boasts a sleek, e-cigarette design that allows the user to take it anywhere. Compatible with herbs, waxes and oils, making it a great value for those on a budget.

The Bad:

Takes a few tries to get the hang of how to activate the unit. You have to click it five times in succession to get it to heat up, which is sort of weird. Also the heating chamber will burn the material if it's loaded too tightly. Best to distribute herbs sparingly and only use a tiny amount of wax or oil.

Those looking for a versatile pen-style vaporizer will enjoy the numerous capabilities offered by the Dube. Not many others can boast similar characteristics for the price. However the heating chamber is really volatile and requires really precise slow draws in order to not burn the material inside.

Full Review

With its unique e-cig design, the Dube Vaporizer by White Rhino is compact enough to take with you anywhere and functional enough to produce great vapor. No wonder the Dube is one of the most popular vaporizers today. Using a USB battery recharge system, charging is quick and convenient allowing you to get started vaping as soon as possible. The USB indicator light will turn red when charging and it turns green when the unit is ready to vape on. This feature is nice as it adds a nice modern touch. The best part about the Dube besides its subtle look is how it’s compatible with both herbs and concentrates. This multiple compatibility feature is totally unique to White Rhino for pen-styles, who also pioneered the Trifecta vape, also compatible with all three substances.

The majority of pen types out there only take one specific substance, but the Dube has got you covered all around. You can use herbs and oils interchangeably in the Dube, and unlike the first edition, the Dube 2 now includes dedicated wax and oil chambers so there’s no mess in your herb chamber.  One thing I have noticed if you are using herbs as your method of choice, is to not pack it too much or hard as this can cause irregularities when trying to vaporize. Making sure you replace the cartridges every so often and keep it clean to ensure longevity and consistent performance.  Being so compact and discreet looking is awesome for when you want to go out and about and not have to worry about unwanted attention. Getting hits with the Dube can be really excellent, especially on the go. I always have a smile on my face when I am in public and nobody really notices that I’m using a vaporizer.  Just make sure you don’t take huge, aggressive rips but rather do it nice and steady, otherwise you might burn your material.

Overall, the Dube is not as powerful with dry herb as something like the Ascent or Pinnacle Pro, but it is a great vape for concentrates and it’s a reliable choice, especially if you’re shopping on a budget.

You can purchase a Dube Vaporizer from these two preferred retailers:

VaporNation: $49.99

VaporizerPenShop: $49.99


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    How do you use this thing properly? I’ve tried to pack it every which way and no matter what it ALWAYS combusts. I’m not drawing on it hard at all. What’s the secret?


      How long are you preheating the vaporizer for? How much are you packing into the vaporizer? It is best to pack very lightly and try to keep it off of the heating element. How dry is the herb that you are using? How frequently do you draw as you are heating? Works best with quick inhalations every 2 to 4 seconds.

    Mi Mi

    I’m having a problem getting a hit from this thing. I just seem to be wasting the herb. I try packing lightly, but it isn’t producing any vapor. I wait til the light flashes & then heat it up again for any vapor to come out which is a very tiny amount at that. I hit it and seem to get nothing. Am I doing something wrong? This is driving me crazy. Help! Thanks in advance.


    Horrible product. You can only pack enough in to get about two hits. Always needs constant cleaning. The mouthpiece gets all rezzed up and its basically impossible to clean. The thin metal lid on mine broke after the 2nd time I tried cleaning.

    I contacted customer support on their site because nowhere on their website does it have mouthpiece replacements listed under dube vaporizers or accessories.

    Here was the answer I received:

    All of our replacements are available online at whiterhinoshop.com
    > Regards,
    > Warranty Department
    > TF:855-803-8883 | FAX: 801-261-0953 | WHITERHINOPRODUCTS.COM
    > All Warranty Claims Must Have WC-Form


    Their customer service seemed not to care to point me to an exact page, but nothing on their site. What a horrible response from a company. They just lost me as a customer, now I go to another brand most likely Atmos….



    Jack G

    I’ve owned a Magic Flight Launch Box for over a year now, and the batteries were going bad. I decided that I didn’t want replacement batteries but rather a new vape or a Launch Box AC adapter priced at $65.
    I ended up choosing this Dübe vaporizer because of the price, the sleek design, and the ability to vape herbs, oils, and waxes. The Dübe quickly charged to full battery out of the box, and I loaded the cartridge with an aromatherapy blend and attempted to to vape it. It would either produce a light vapor or a heavy cloud of smoke, burning the blend. At first I was regretting the buy, but then I tried it with some strong herb. It worked nicely! The learning curve is a little steep, I sorta figured out that after loading the cartridge you must hold down the button for 2 seconds, adding one second for each subsequent hit.
    After hit number 3 (4-5 second button hold) the cartridge is done. This is the negative…so I wouldn’t call the Dübe vaporizer extremely portable, considering you will have to reload the cartridge what most would consider often. But I’ve read that the Dübe handles waxy oils much better and longer. Also the build quality is mediocre, it’s not manufactured amazingly, but not too cheap feeling.
    Overall a good buy. It’s a good idea to purchase a spare cartridge or two if you’re sure the Dübe is something you’d hang on to, because the cartridges wear out after a bit and the cartridges work best when you use waxy oils and herbs in separate cartridges.
    Get this if you like the price tag, the flexibility of the material vaped, and if you ever use waxy oils.


    This thing is a fucking scam. I spent 50 fucking dollars on this peice of shit. its doesnt work and the hassle for the replacement is ridiculous. Dont buy it.

    James H

    product is horrible, I went into a store close by to check it out just to be shown 3 broken Dube vapes right out of the box! they all had the same problem they would not charge! needless to say my decision on the quality of the product was made right then and there.


    This product works very well. I found a way to get every part of the herb utilized. You vape until you can’t anymore, then you empty the chamber and smoke the rest in a pipe.


    My boyfriend just got into the waxes( which I’m not crazy about) n bought the dübe. It took us awhile to figure out how it works. Once we figured it out we loved it! He got it for his wax but once we watched some demos n tried it with herb. Its awesome we are are both satisfied in one product. His wax n my herb:) if u grind up your herb n don’t pack it so tight it works like a champ. If your like me n only need a few hits this is for you! I was so pleased with it he ordered me one too:) but he does say that it is difficult to load your wax.


    so ive had my dube pen for about three months and ive been able to get good hits at times then other i just burn my herb but my main problem at the moment is that when i press the button it just flashes it doesnt let me heat it up the chamber unless i unscrew it from the battery just a little eve then i cant get a good hit and yes i have fully charge it .

    any suggestions ?


      The Dube vaporizer has a rather small chamber that will last for 3 to 6 weeks of use. Over time, from all of the heating and cooling of the chamber, it will need to be replaced. If the battery is fully charged and you find that it is no longer making a solid connection, a new heating cartridge ought to resolve the issue.


    P.O.S It should’nt ever be this hard to smoke on life and the kicker it im fukd out of 40$ like that b.s you people that make dube need to step your game up if you plan on keeping customers and making any money im dune i will go els where from now on!


    Works pretty good. The trick is to never fill over the tip of the element inside. Just around the little tower.

    Hold button for about 2 seconds until you see a little vapor escape out of the mouth piece. Get a two second hit. Rinse and repeat. You won’t get more than 3 hits, but they are 3 really good vape hits that sit me just right.


    I had mine for two days and it wont heat up. I don’t want to buy another cartridge because ive only had it for two days and it already broke!! I’m very disepleased with the product…


    It makes me sneeze every time. :/ got any answers to that?


      That used to happen to me too when I first started vaping, no idea why. After a few weeks though I got used to the sensation and the sneezing stopped. It might also be the strain you are vaping, try switching to something else next time you go to the dispensary.


    It makes me sneeze every time. :/ got any answers to that?


    There are a few tricks to getting the Dube to vaporize dry herb without combustion. The number one and most important is to purchase a screen for the bottom of the combustion chamber to keep your herb from coming in contact with the ceramic heat element. Get one from your local head shop or hardware stores carry them in the the plumbing section (it’s called a tap aerator screen) you’ll need to cut it down to size to fit. Without it your herb just combusts because it’s in direct contact with the heat source (Why White Rhino hasn’t figured this out I don’t know?)

    The next tip is to hold the button for the full ten seconds heat cycle (until the green lights goes from steady to blinking) release the button,then take a nice slow long hit off of it. You should be able to get 3 or 4 nice hits off of one load following this method. Don’t toke while heating the chamber) and don’t pack the chamber tight, there needs to be room in there for the heat to do its thing.

    Finally, you shouldn’t see any smoke or vapors (or smell any for that matter) on exhale, because the hits are quite small, but remember you purchased the Dube because it’s discrete, you could puff on this thing right in the middle of a restaurant and nobody would know. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll taste the vapors and you will get stoned. I can’t vouch for the quality or longevity of this product because mine is fairly new, but so far with these two tricks it seems to be working well. Happy vaping!


    This thing is absolute JUNK! Totally waisted money and herb buying this thing… BUYER BEWARE

      John Moffitt

      Geez a lot of people seem to really hate this vape, I was under the impression that it was atleast a decent pen vaporizer. I know that most pen vapes will combust your herbs but it sounds like the Dube just plain doesn’t work. I am going to try out an Atmos Bullet 2 Go and see how that works. Maybe I will have better luck with that vape.


    I was never a huge fan of this vape pen but I do think overall that it works pretty well considering the price. You get what you pay for and if you are only going to pay $50 for a vaporizer don’t expect the world. This is pen is probably best for beginners or for people that are just looking to be discreet and don’t care a whole lot about the quality of vapor.

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