Have you heard about Daniel Chong? He’s the Chinese student from UCSD who was arrested the morning after a 420 Celebration on April 21, 2012 and then left in a cell without food or water for 5 straight days. Not only did the DEA raid his buddy’s apartment and confiscate a lot of fun treats, they put these guys in holding cells and interrogated them. While his comrades were moved to a county jail, Chong was accidentally left in his holding cell, sans food, sans water, sans bathroom, sans SANITY!

Dude was found five days later after having endured vivid hallucinations, attempting suicide and having to drink his own urine just to survive. He was in the middle of writing a death note to his mother in his own blood when he was rescued.

Talk about a case of the munchies!

In the aftermath, Chong sued the US Government for $21 million. They ended up awarding him a $4.1 million settlement.