The BHOLT is a brand new, pen style vaporizer designed for wax and oil concentrates. First and foremost, the BHOLT is entirely unique, as it is the worlds first unit to utilize a glass-on-glass connection. This ensures that all vapor produced is is entirely free of any metal or plastic toxins. And for you old-school bong lovers, the BHOLT has a 14mm ground glass connection, conveniently making the BHOLT fully compatible with any 14mm water filtration adapter available.

At roughly six inches in length, the BHOLT is conveniently portable. Easy to carry. Easy to store. Not only is transporting the unit easy, but using it is a breeze, too. All you need to do is load your concentrate onto the atomizer, hold down the single button and you’ll be vaping in an instant! This unit may be one which causes you to sacrifice a little discreetness for good performance, but it could still easily pass as a fancy E-Cig. I must say, the BHOLT is also quite visually stimulating. The clear glass vapor chamber, along with the green illuminating light inside, make for a more relaxing vaporizing experience.

The BHOLT very well may be a game-changer in the vaporizer world and I’m sure its unique design and style are much welcomed among the vaporizer enthusiast’s community. However, its heavy price tag may deter some potential users away, as it easily doubles, sometimes triples the price of many of the other wax & oil pen-style vaporizers, such as the 710Pen, White Rhino & Atmos products. The BHOLT vaporizer is definitely designed for you hardcore, dedicated wax pen users.

If you have the money to spend, I definitely think the BHOLT is the one of the top wax pens, in terms of both performance & appearance. I highly recommend this unit to those in need of a top-quality, high performance wax pens, especially those who still love using water pipes.

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